April 17th, 2008 | 1 Comment »

Although I didn’t ever want to be strictly a knitting blog (because I do have life outside of knitting you know) I must face the fact that I am a serious knitter. I’ve got the ladies in my knitting class fooled into believing that I actually might know what I’m talking about, so I suppose if you walk the walk and talk the talk…. I was telling them last night that a top-down raglan construction kind of scared me because I was afraid I couldn’t do it, and wouldn’t you know, I can! My pal Pixie just wrote and published her first pattern on Ravelry, so of course I had to get me a copy and couldn’t wait to start churning out the lovliness that is the Country Kiddie. (This will be for Ashlyn’s first birthday this summer)

Yes, I’m Magic Looping because it is less fiddely and you only need one needle for, like, ever. Notice my beyootiful stitch markers, I got them at Knots of Yarn, they are sterling silver with a little pink bead, sooooo cute. (And quite the splurge for me, I was using washers and old earrings and wine charms before!)

Also on the needles is the Yarn Harlot’s Earl Grey Socks (Ravelry link here)

There’s a LOT of stitches in these little buggers. And the cable is interesting, but these are going to take some time. He may have them in time for winter. Now there is a “sweater curse” that if you knit a sweater for a non-husband type (ahem) you will immediately break up. Miss Jenny pointed out that there are a lot of stitches (possibly sweater equivalent) and that I might want to use caution. I might end up agreeing with her, but I like the yarn and I like my man a lot so I do want to make something for him with love (awwwwww.) Also worth noting, he did lose the Alien scarf. Lost. It.

Socks are less likely to be lost since when out of the house they are attached to your feet, so I’m not so concerned about the can-you-handle-the-responsibility-of-made-with-love-knitwear. Food for thought.

March 25th, 2008 | 3 Comments »

I just can’t talk about this.

Can’t. talk. about. the. knitting. (It will be a present soon-ish.)

But I can talk about the yarn, a little. Berroco Comfort is very soft (and washable, which is good when an item is getting gifted.) And I like it. So there.

So, in the immortal words of Forrest, Forrest Gump “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

By the way, has anyone seen this scarf?

Jeff “I Forgot” McClure has misplaced this item somewhere in northeast Georgia. Everyone stop what you are doing and look around you maybe we can find it together. I’d be more pissed, but it was starting to coil, and I just didn’t like that. I loathe to make him another exactly like it (particularly because of what happened to this one…) but I think I might like like to come up with my own illusion pattern, possibly a black and white one with a rabbit and a hat or something magician-like. Then I could post it on my site and become a big knittin’ rock star or something. But there is another teensy problem, contrary to the weather yesterday and today, it is spring and I’m in no mood to do any scarf knitting. I think I will make him these instead. Maybe, if he will let me staple them to his feet.

March 21st, 2008 | 2 Comments »

Happy Good Friday! Apparently, us heathens get to benefit from someone’s goodness somewhere, because my boss (who is taking the day off today) realized as she went to the store that everyone and their brother, mother and uncle’s ex-boyfriend is off of work today, which is why, I, one happy Spazz, is off of work today at 2:30 in the afternoon!

I decided the only beverage that could do the occasion justice was this one:

Aaaaaaaaah. Bloody Mary. I am partaking whilst I am supposed to be toiling. Nectar of the Gods. You should’ve had a V-8 because I sure did. Yay Good Friday!

I did manage to do something rather productive also, I took some progress photos on the silk/mohair “Florence” I’m currently knitting, and I likes it mucho so far. It will be a long and satisfying knit and I sure hope it looks good on me. That is the one problem with knitting garments, you hope, you pray, but you never really “know”until you are finished.

Here is the progress thus far:

… and now for the money shot:

Can you appreciate the softness of this yarn? Note the fluffiness, see the sheen that is only found when working with silk, I am truly blessed and privileged and fortunate today to be working with yarn of this caliber (ahem, thank you Margaret  and John Olin). It totally rocks. Hopefully the outcome will to.

Ok, to sum up, be good, and have a marvelous weekend! I will be collecting my Little Ol’ Lady on Sunday and taking her to Easter festivities at Jeff’s aunt’s home. I have a new dress and it is very pretty. More photos to be posted later.

March 20th, 2008 | No Comments »

I am still working on “Florence” a lovely and simple design to use my much coveted Christmas yarn for a garment. I know I’m not using the cotton yarn recommended in the pattern, but I’ve achieved proper gauge and I love the fabric drape of what I am making and I feel confident that the silhouette that will be created will be stunning.


Now, it is slow going, size 5 needles and seemingly endless stockinette with minimal shaping, but it is really going to be beautiful. Truly.


I’ll post some status pictures soon.

September 18th, 2007 | No Comments »

Sure, I can finish it. Absolutely. No problem. Who needs sleep?

After creating acres and acres of seed stitch, it was bind off time last night. But don’t get too excited. I’m now picking up 652 evenly spaced stitches all around the edge. Wait- that edging quickly gets transformed into a ruffle- so nearly 1000 stitches for 2 1/2 more inches before it is all said and done. I have until Saturday. Do you think they would notice at work if I called in sick so I could have another knit day? It looks like I’m going to be short several stitches when I get to the end of picking up, but I will utilize a little math problem (I did this for the keyhole top too) after picking up all the little nubs for the stitches I see how many I am short, then I figure out how to equally disperse that number into what I already have picked up so that I will do something like knit 10 make 1 (repeat) on the first row and voila- I’ll have all my stitches! Ok, so I suck at math, but somehow, when hard pressed, I can sound it out and come up with the solution. Once upon a time, I was good at math. I don’t know what happened, it is just sort of dormant skill now. It freaks my mom out that I round all my checks in my checkbook up to the nearest dollar for easy math on the go- so I never really know what my actual balance is, it is just sort of more than I think it is or something like that… gasp.

Back to the shawl, this is a 30th birthday present for my friend that just had a baby. I carefully selected something special that would be comforting to her- and washable (I’ve been knitting so much for baby I needed to do something definitively for momma.) I have no progress photos, because honestly, I don’t have the time to stop for one second and I can hardly stand to look at the thing. Also, I’ve volunteered to make her birthday cake (that’s how I roll) and decided to make this cake in the shape of a purse. I’m going to make hers look like that multicolored Louis Vuitton pattern using Starburst candies (Yes, I’m perfectly aware of how insane I am thankyouverymuch.) More about the cake later.

Acres and acres of seed stitch- what the hell was I thinking? The good thing about a brainless knit like this one is that you can 1. take it to SNB and chat away without worrying about screwing it up and 2. watch your favorite movie which just happens to be in French. (I LOVE Amelie. If you haven’t seen it, you must. I’m convinced if I watch it enough, I’ll learn how to speak french, no? Oui?)

On the topic of future knitting projects, I sat across from Vickie on Saturday as she made this. (covet, covet, covet.) I SO wanted to be working on my own Dimple Shale Scarf. As it turns out, I have some of the same yarn she was using (but in turquoise) in my stash. Whooppee! Free Pattern! Yarn from stash! Can’t wait to get started!