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This is what my man was doing while I have been toiling my bloomin’ arse off at the ol’ workplace.

I’m trying not to hate him too much… But we are going to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Actor’s Express tonight (now through July 26th.) I, for one, can’t farking wait it is all I can think about, just get through 8 more hours girl, 8… more… excruciating… hours.

DISCLAIMER: I have to make sure that I am clear- the above comments were all in playful jest. I was in no way making disparaging comments about my man, his love of the bat or his work ethic, he works his fanny off. Work. Work. Work. This was a kodak moment of his fun time. Fun time I wish that I could have been a part of while I was at work, which isn’t so much fun right now, it happens to be the anti-fun. A veritable black hole of fun suckage. I was trying to tap into his fun, savor it, partake in it, live vicariously for a moment, enjoy it just a little teensy tiny little bit and post a fun picture in the process. I apologize if my commentary couldn’t be seen for what it was intended to be- playful. Jest.

I have had some successful finishes this week. I finished Pixie’s Fruit Loop!

Look at it blocking in the morning sunshine. Is this the cutest thing ever or what?

The yarn is hempathy (a hemp/cotton/modal blend) and even thought it is a little splitty (but only when you’re ripping- arrrrrgh) it knits like a dream! The lace looks more like a watermelon than a strawberry (oops, too many repeats.) This is a pattern I test knit for Miss Pixie (the designer of the Country Kiddie.) Be on the look out for it for sale on her website and through Ravelry as well!

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Been thoughtlessly neglecting ye’ olde blog lately, I have had so much to do. BIG deadlines at work – lots of fun-fun stress, not to mention that “Spring Forward” sucks ginormous donkey balls. My show is now up as of today and a full two days ahead of schedule thank you very much Senor Juan Valdez, not to mention the things that I’ve volunteered for -I’m the local chapter DAR scrapbook chairman- (did you know they gave out certificates for giving out the most certificates???) AND the square that just won’t end is due this week (you would think I could knit a 3 foot by 3 foot square in my sleep people! Not so much fun is the seaming!)

Life is overall very, very, good right now. I’ve been very busy, but that hard working exhaustion is a good thing. Been cooking a bunch, crafting a bunch, hanging with lots of new (and old) friends a bunch, pretty darn happy.

Speaking of friends, I went to a wedding for a friend last summer, he just sent me this:

Now if that isn’t a Kodak-chocolate-covered-happy moment with sprinkles on top, then I just don’t know what is! I’m going to meditate for a moment. Ahhhhh. I loves my man.

Have a lovely day folks!

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December 29th, 2007 | 2 Comments »

Christmas was a whirlwind of activity this year. Almost, I daresay, too much of one. On the Friday before Christmas I went to see family in Atlanta, and after a leisurely Saturday of holiday cheer with loved ones, all hell broke loose through Tuesday. Preparing the house for brunch, actually preparing the brunch, hosting brunch, Christmas Eve at my aunt’s (preceded by an ill-fated trip for some last-minute shopping with a hum-dinger of an argument with my man that was predominantly stress-influenced but sucky and exhausting at the worst possible time to have an argument even though I’m totally over it now, really I am) with Christmas morning at my Mom’s and then dinner at my Dad’s, followed by WORK on Wednesday, and excuse me, but what the frick is up with that?

I would rather gouge my eyes out than to try this again EVER. I have to move this year so I have an excuse to make people come to me or I need to pound it into my man’s head that seeing every single person on THE day or THE Eve is not only unnecessary but not such a good idea since we both have divorced families which raises our number of obligatory humans exponentially, and I’m SURE we can plan it better next time, please, please, oh please, dear God.

But it is the holidays and everyone is in misery, right? Along with the eye-gouging, hair-pulling, family togetherness- there are benefits to be reaped. You guys, I got YARN. Silk yarn. TWO kids of silk yarn (Art Yarns Silk Rhapsody and Handmaiden Seasilk, but I don’t want to brag.) And a tutu. A HOT PINK tutu. I also got a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer (from my honey)that I totally don’t deserve (I was planning on getting married solely for the purpose of registering for the likes of this mixer and now sadly, that won’t be necessary- unless the attachments are anywhere near as expensive as the unit itself…) Oops and Elvis. But I think I need to devote an entire post to my Elvis gift I received from Dad and Linda this year, I just can’t explain it with any acceptable amount of brevity.

Other lovely things came from lovely people and I did actually really enjoy myself once I physically got to all of the destinations. Also, I never properly blogged about the Falala Bash- the third annual Falala Bash was held again this year at the wonderful Chez Whidden (everyone, give some love to the Whiddens for opening their house to us once again for festivities!) Photos from the par-tay are HERE. (We expanded the ugly sweater contest this year to include all things Christmas, Jeff was Jack Frost from the Santa Clause and I was Ralphie in the pink bunny pajamas from a Christmas Story.) Y’all, we collected around 60 gifts for Toys for Tots this year instead of having a gift swap, so there was drunken debauchery to be had by all- balls of meat, meat in blankets, and Fala-lattes- a concoction of rum, eggnog, coffee and rum, with a side of altruism. A well-balanced party.

Okay, on to today. I skipped some stuff, well, possibly lots of stuff, like finished knitting content from the holidays that I really should address sometime, but it is my blog and I’m drinking wine and well, whatever, and if you don’t like it you can either read someone else or bite me, whichever you prefer.

I went knitting at Susan’s lovely home today. She has dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. Three lap dogs (two with sweaters) and the biggest farking great dane I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, y’all, she has donkeys. FOUR adorable donkeys. I just so happen to LOVE donkeys. I don’t know why. They’re sweet and they are little and they are donkeys, how can you not love this?

Well, the rest of this holiday season, will, alas, be a blur. Jeff built me a new book case to house my craft/knit/cook books so after it dries we get to reorganize the apartment (wheee!) So, Happy New Year. Squeeze the one you love and much peace, happiness and bounty to you and yours in the new year. Oh, and yarn. And wine. Let me rephrase, MUCH peace, love, happiness and bountiful yarn and wine to you and yours this NEW year!

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December 7th, 2007 | No Comments »

This is me.

Not only because I got my “elf on” for a face-painting job with Jeff last night (I’m making a pretty mean snowflake this year- with glitter and everything!) but also because I’m booked every freaking night from here through Christmas with little to no exception. I’m seriously buggin’ because I have some projects that need tending to and I haven’t really gotten going yet. Oh, and because someone called in ‘sick’ today and it totally screwed me over- I had to cancel appointments, skip my lunch break and therefore miss running two necessary errands, the usual crap. (Note: There are pluses and minuses to working in a very small office, this would be the latter, but I suppose you can’t help when you get sick, right?)

Oh and Jeff did this last night.

Yes that would be a purple-leopard-harlequin mask themed tree. (He has enough decorations to do several ‘themed’ trees.) I let him do this one ‘cuz he does it so well. I’ll be decorating my Charlie Brown Christmas tree tonight. It will be fun.

No really, it will. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.