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My Hispanic grandmother (not this one but the other one) buys me things from infomercials. I don’t know what it has to do with her being Hispanic, but I think it does somehow. Let me ‘splain.  She also decorates in leopard ALL OVER HER HOUSE. And I think that THAT is genetic, seeing how I have a deep and lasting love for leopard print too. This is the same woman that used to record the shopping channel when we left the house in order to make sure she didn’t miss anything good. In a word, she is nuts.

But in a good way that is fun at parties and to drink and cook and gamble with. And I love her more than words mostly because her lack of mastery of the English language (even though she has spoken it for most of her life) leads to lots of laughing and me somehow serving as translator to the rest of the family. I know what “thing” she is constantly referring to (even when she doesn’t.)

Anyways, where was I? Oh, yes, the infomercial shopping habits she has acquired over her years of “americanization” have once again led to a gifted triumph! I received this in in the mail on Wednesday:

That would be the EZ Combs you see on tv that have countless applications! Ponytails, french twists, NEVER have another bad hair day again!!! And it actually works pretty well, I have to admit it. The funny part is that as I opened the package, not one but NINE sets of these combs spilled out. I have one in red, bronze, silver, black, black and white, aubergine, you name it. Yes I have one to go with each and every outfit in my closet, if I were to choose to do so. But I don’t want to become that girl with that weird hair thing, not to mention that I don’t think one woman should hoarde all these treasures to herself, so I will be giving away a few of these gems to some fortunate friends.

WAIT just a minute! I have an even better idea! Since I’m often flummoxed and taken aback when I find out that people (other than my *mothers) actually read this blog- I think I have here the makings of my very first giveaway! I tell you what, the first two people to comment with “YES! I want me some of those EZ Combs! Right on!” will get a selection of a pair in the color of their choice (from whatever is left over) and shipped right to their very doorstep courtesy of Le Spazz.

Oh, and because I just can’t get enough of Mima today, she asked me at the last visit if I could believe that they were selling this at a second hand shop in Florida for only $3? I know I certainly can’t.

“Schlitz, es el gusto!” That is a well spent $3 if you ask me. I would have made that thrift store take at least six!

(Note* When I said I had “moms” that read my blog, I do have more than one maternal figure and no, I’m not the only child of couple of lesbians-not that there’s anything wrong with that- but I have a mom, a former almost mom, a stepmom and some additional mother figures that are moms themselves or dear friends of my moms or the moms of some lifelong friends. Needless to say, I’ve got lots of ladies in my corner.)

Have a fantastic weekend.

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Welcome back from Graceland. I expect you Bedazzled something in a historic gesture from your experience. While you were away, the Web Gnomes were busy cornering off a section of the Internet just for you. They’re apparently gay, and that’s why there’s so much pink girliness around here. It has no bearing on me…Webmaster Gradin.

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