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Boo. Could you just die? His name is freakin’ BOO?! See the little teefers? And the button on the wings, I think I’m going to have a stroke from all of the cuteness… call an EMT… tell him to bring vodka… STAT.

I’ve already ordered my pattern at Mochimochiland, have you?

On another note, working until midnight at the old grindstone for a special event, then bright and early for Art in the Square here in good ol’ Gainesvegas so no sleepytime for this gal in sight. But lots and lots of cultural fun and raising awareness in the arts and all of that crap, so come on out and see me at my booth tomorrow and stuff, kay?

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So, this weekend I attempted to begin to use my lovely Silk Rhapsody handpainted silk mohair yarn that I received from Miss Margaret (Hi Babs!). First, I had an issue when rolling the yarn into a ball- the silk didn’t have any ‘give’ and my center-pull ball collapsed on itself almost immediately. Luckily, Jeff was there to save the day (he is very good at untangling things) and I didn’t lose a single yard. I went to my Roswell yarn shop (the Cast On Cottage) on a very fun outing with Jen, Jenny and Mom on Saturday where I was told that my silk yarn would require a yarn bra because, obviously, it needed some support.  And no, I’m not joking. So for around $3.50, I purchased an assortment of 4 yarn bras. (It is fun to say yarn bra, repeat it to yourself five times fast.)  So, I commenced with the swatching to make a yummy little wrap sweater from Fitted Knits. After about two attempts it became clear that I was never going to achieve a proper gauge for this pattern and rewriting the pattern far exceeds my mathematical skills.

Jenny helped me to realize that it is better to admit this to yourself at the beginning of a project rather than to waste your time (or the yarn) because mohair is a bitch to rip out and why don’t I sign up for Ravelry (you know, the online community of knitters that share their goodies, knowledge, projects, ideas, etc. with other knitters?) I’m not much of a joiner, so I hemmed and hawwed my way through the conversation, and pouted.

And then I pouted some more. I want to make a sweatery type garment out of this yarn. (I have 1040 yards of probably the sexiest, nicest, prettiest, softest yarn that I will EVER own in my life and no, I don’t want to make a shawl.)  I went to the Art Yarns website and saw a pattern or two that were ok, but nothing that I would truly wear. There is a new book on lacy little things to wear, appropriately called Lacy Little Knits that might have something that will do in it, but I don’t know if I’m into purchasing yet another book right now (I have so many.)

So, yesterday I succumbed. I signed up for Ravelry. I’m in line probably behind a billion other people, but presumably, once I’m granted access to the fiber fiesta inside, all I’ll need to do is enter the type of yarn and a whole sea of potential ideas will roll my way.

Presumably. For now, I must be content with rubbing the silk on my face.

Sniff sniff.

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August 20th, 2007 | 2 Comments »

Warning- I haven’t posted any images lately so you are in store for an overabundance. Enjoy.

I’ll give a teensy peek of the finished stealth project, ok?

Hey- she reads my blog! I can’t show it to you or mention it much- except I had a ‘block party’ at my house this weekend and said item is beyoootiful! I promise, two-three more weeks, tops.

In other knitting news, I started another project for another birthday- she doen’t read my blog so I can show you this:

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