January 31st, 2009 | 3 Comments »

My friend Lee wrote a song inspired by ME! It is called “Song for Amanda” so you know I don’t lie.

Seriously, an actual SONG by an actual BAND. I’m floored. you can check it out on his site Woolgathering. I put it on my iPod, I’m so touched.

Goes to show you:

misery + talent= art

I wish I could make some moving art, I can make you a warm scarf, Lee, and a whole heck of a lot of good it would do you in Callefornie. I suppose I’m ever the fan, the appreciator, the critic, never the artist. Sigh.

In other art news, I’m going to an art opening in Atlanta tonight called  “Young Movers and Shakers of the Georgia Art Scene” (how appropriate is that?) I’m going on the prowl for young, new artists to drag to Gainesvegas. Thanks John Olin and Margaret for the article you sent me this week or this exhibition would have probably slipped past me.

Have an artful weekend y’all.

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November 24th, 2007 | 2 Comments »

I know it is quite the ambitious title for a post, but I have a lot to catch up on. Last weekend we went to see the Police in concert on Saturday and then Blue Man Group on Sunday. That is a lot of concerts. That is a lot of concerts for a girl that has a pretty strict bedtime. So, of course, on Monday I woke up with a cold (I consistently get sick when I get tired) but it was totally worth it. I got to see Sting, up close. Our tickets were for right behind the stage, but it was so much better than being in front of the stage and far, far, far, away. I swear he smiled at me, and I screamed my head off. It was awesome.

Here we are at the Police (that is me and Jeff, of course, with my mom and stepdad.)

I had seen Blue Man once before, and let me tell you, the show is an amazing experience. This time we were up front and it did not disappoint. The band that plays with Blue Man is phenomenal. Really, I don’t know if people realize what an amazing group of musicians they have backing them. Again, I jumped around, acted a fool, and quite enjoyed myself.

This year, we decided to do a low-key Thanksgiving (i.e. not to spend all day in the car going from place to place and stuffing ourselves silly.) We went to my Dad’s in Stone Mountain and just watched T.V., ate, took a little nap and had a pretty wonderful day. I made Paula Deen’s Sweet Potato Balls and they kind of flopped. You see, the mashed sweet potatoes were wrapped around a marshmallow, which I did the night before so I suppose that my marshmallows must have just dissolved or something, because they sure as heck didn’t ooze out of the balls like they did on Paula’s plate (Oh well.)

Then on Friday, Jeff, Ted and I went to Watkinsville to an artist’s open house. There were potters, jewelers and the main draw (for me) was Loretta Eby, glass blower. I met her at work, we sell some of her ornaments and things and she is one of the most entertaining people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Every Thanksgiving, they have an open house the weekend after the holiday. What better way to spend “Black Friday” than to watch a glass blowing demonstration? I was in awe. We bought some things for gifts (and she personalized them for us.) It was an awesome trip and well worth the hour drive.

So, now I’m full, happy, tired. I dyed my wayward gray patch (yeah that was me) and baked some ginger snaps so the house smells fantastic, and I think, I daresay, I might just be starting to feel that holiday spirit! Just let me get through the next week or two at work and I’ll be golden!

Oh, another finished object- a hat for my friend Les. I learned a wonderful technique, the duplicate stitch, it beats the hell out of intarsia any old day!

August 23rd, 2007 | 2 Comments »

Last weekend I joined a group of lovely ladies, some old friends and now some new, in an excursion to Decatur to partake in the Chocolate Bar. We first went to Watershed- a spectacular restaurant where I’ve eaten several times – and have NEVER had a bad meal- particularly on fried chicken Tuesdays. I even have the cookbook- Southern Cooking- written by the Executive Chef, Scott Peacock, although I haven’t had the guts to make anything out of it, it makes for very good reading if you are a fan of southern cuisine. I had the salmon croquettes which came with grits, spinach and sliced tomatoes- it was in a word – yummy. But it was a toss-up between that and the basic pimento cheese sammich (which Jenny had.)

This was a Non-Knitting excursion I’ll have you know. It was hard to leave the house without a bag of knitting to take with me, but somehow I managed. We did sneak in a brief peek into Nease’s Needlework- because it was, after all, right THERE! I refrained from buying anything, but mostly because I neglected to use the ladies room before leaving the restaurant and couldn’t “focus” on anything fibery at that particular moment.

Anyhoo, back to the chocolaty goodness. Read the rest of this entry »