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Good news, the “vegetable” looks good.

Bad news, I still don’t know what it is. Anyone?

Oh, and now I has yellow shoes. Likes? They match these:

Meet Niles and Daphne the new ‘keets. They are professional magical birds so they earn their keep. Unfortunately, they have a raging case of “chirpees”- and sadly it is “untweetable.”

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June 19th, 2008 | 1 Comment »

A thought that comes to my mind almost daily. I don’t know why some greenery enjoys the pleasure of my company while some flora abandons ship almost immediately. I have no green thumb, but I like to grow stuff, when I can. This year Jeff got me a loverly hummingbird bush (amongst other fauna) and I am eternally grateful for the beauty that is our patio right now. Now we have also adopted some plants that were “liberated” from an untimely demise (i.e. the dumpster at Lowe’s by Jeff’s Mom) and we have planted them as well, what the hell.

Now it is getting truly exiting. Brace yourselves, we have a burgeoning head of lettuce (about three bites worth) happily growing alongside some cilantro, which is also flourishing, I’ll have you know.

Now for my personal favorite… drumroll please… our “vegetable.” Somewhere along the way this plant lost its tag, but from the bar code we have deciphered that, at maturity, we will have a crop of “vegetable.”

Good to know. The center green thing that is positively thriving is a lonely refugee patio tomato, of THAT I can be certain (it had a tag.) However, the two spindly things on the outside, well, that can be anyone’s guess, but by the way that they are creeping, I’m going to hypothesize that maybe… possibly… they could be a bean of some sort? An Okra plant? Won’t this be fun? I’ll be sure to take a photographic essay of our journey together –so stay tuned.

Now for your daily dose of eye candy. I merged two birthday gifts today in a most delightfully brilliant way (um thank you, thank you very much). First, some really cute glittery rock star decals with my equally rocking, slicker-than-snot sewing machine- wanna know how I know it is rockin? Take a gander:

What, what?

Now from the side:

Boo-ya! NOW I’m ready to roll!

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I has a tomato. But just the one. It is the same tomato as before, but it is red today. Small, hard and red. It got no bigger, but it finally got red…ish. It sounds very yummy doesn’t it?



My Grandmother, MMM (Mamama), has a TOMATO TREE growing on her porch.

My mother planted it for her and all MMM has done is watered it and watched it and apparently cast some mystical southern-little-old-lady spell on it or dipped her index finger in the soil or something and will probably be enjoying mountains of tomatoes soon.

I give up.

Here is my MMM -my favorite “LOL” (Little Old Lady.) She taught me how to knit when I was seven years old and walked me through my very first afghan, dishcloth and set of baby booties. I love her much. (She also makes me crazy- because she can- and I’m very grateful for every bit of it.)

Quote of the day:

“Mothers know exactly which buttons to push, they installed them after all.” (I’m thinking of cross stitching this one on a pillow, what do you think?)

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June 27th, 2007 | 3 Comments »

A tomato farmer I certainly am not. I don’t know why I feel the need to grow tomatoes each year – maybe it is a deeply rooted biological response to my southern heritage or maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. I never have what you would call an astounding success. Last year I coaxed a sickly potted tomato plant to yield a small crop.

The plant promptly turned yellow and went to plant heaven. The smallest of the tomatoes disappeared entirely from the bowl, only to be found, months later under the microwave looking more like a raisin than a tomato- ew. (A result of kitty interference- most definitely.)



Drainage turned out to be the problem. So this year, more holes were drilled in the pot and I now have this:

LUSH! GREEN! TALL! Indeed. I started to get very excited. Except, I’m supposed to be seeing tomatoes, right? Or some buds or flowers or something other than leaves.

Ok, wait, what is this?

One FREAKIN tomato? Really? Crap!

I suppose I’m in dire need of some supplemental plant nutrition. Or something. Or maybe I should just plant some ivy in this pot and pour myself a large glass of whine. I gave it some tomato spike feeding thingies, but maybe those weren’t enough? I’ve used them in my herb box and am enjoying the ample, herby goodness sprouting forth (except for the thyme, which I kill each year, and don’t really know what foods to put it in anyways.)

Any suggestions as to if Tomato Harvest 2007 has beenĀ  compromised beyond salvation or if there are any emergency, crop-saving actions that can implemented immediately- would be most welcome.

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