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One of my oldest friends Jen (of SugarChef fame) was on TV!  She looks so good… and so smart… and with such pretty cakes- check her out HERE. Um,  “Jade” didn’t seem to be paying very much attention. I noticed that my girl Jen had to repeat herself several times (I hate that.) I’ll bet Jade could use a session with my therapist on active listening techniques and not just waiting for her turn to talk, you know?

I’m mostly teasing. Jen rocked. Because she is a culinary rock star you know. Not many in the world so yes, I’m proud.

Of course I do like cake. Making them, not eating them. And reading about making them. Oh, and watching shows about making them.  Ace of Cakes is still my guilty pleasure show on the food network, mostly because I like to watch them flip their shit out over deadlines and cakes falling apart and then the stoner/cake designer/fix-it-man “Geoff” swoops in with his monotone voice and his bag of tricks and manages to always save the day just barely before the bride/client/celebrity/birthday boy walks in. Or it could be edited to heighten t.v. drama, I dunno.

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We went to Habersham for a big celebration for the 4th of July (I know, they’re early)- fireworks and live music- and saw these guys:

The King Daddy Polecats are very much fun. They opened for the Red River Band (? did I get that right?) which we skipped in lieu of Mexican food. Then on Saturday afternoon I knat with the ladies and brought a new potential member to our meeting and then, I got to see this girl:

Holly is very much fun too. We had wine and it was good.

Then I went to Knitch for the FIRST TIME EVER with the lovely and effervescent Shari on Sunday. I loooooove this store. I wasn’t really “needing” to purchase more yarn, but I found this stuff that just begged to go home with me. The brand is Araucania and the yarn is called “Ranco Multi”- a hand painted, wool blend sport weight. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I think I’ll make the Gigi (from the new Knitty) out of it sometime soon when I don’t have four (or six) projects on the needles. I also purchased my Hedgie pattern (the last one in the shop- score!) so I’m ready to cast on with my SNB crew for our Hedge-Along this weekend.

Then Sunday night we went to see Wall-E with our local Red-Headed Street Gang and there was a box of stuff that Jeff gave to our favorite red-headed beastie (now he has more Star Wars stuff. The boy is doomed.)

Or are WE the doomed ones?

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June 17th, 2008 | 2 Comments »

Fwiends. We went to Ichiban on Friday night, sushi and martinis followed by Sex and the City, it doesn’t get much better than that. I loves my girls (aren’t they pretty?) we don’t get to do this very often so it made for an even more special evening.

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I had a truly awesome weekend. The perfect balance of fun and productivity- in the face of all the stress from work and some bizarre superfluous drama on the home front- we really needed it.

On Friday we went to Chow Baby, an awesome restaurant in Atlanta, for Olaf‘s birthday. It is a stir fry bar- you go through and get all your stuff- veggies, noodles, sauces and meat and they stir fry it for you. The trick is to try a little at a time so you can go through more than once (it is all you can eat for $11.99) I followed a recipe the first time then went through “free style” the second time. It was awesome and so worth the trip to celebrate our super fly friend turning 31.

On Saturday, after some feverish knitting with my ladies, I went over to Rachel and Caleb’s for some much needed, drama-free camaraderie.  It was a Mexican potluck- and so awesome. We may start doing this once a month it was such a good time- I got to see some very old friends and make some new ones too(maybe next time we will actually get to playing some games!) We played with all the babies present- it seems everyone is squeezing out offspring right now- it sure makes for some fun discussions to walk in on!

And today- I did my taxes (all by myself thank you very much) and have cast on two successfully swatched projects! Oh, and I didn’t mention the very best part, here is the aforementioned EYE CANDY:

Yes, that would be some Kool-Aid dyed, self-striping (God willing) sock yarn. I followed this tutorial. Jeff has already had to help me through some tangling issues and I promised him I would not attempt to put this into a ball without his help no matter how confident I am that I won’t tangle it, because naturally, I’m a very skilled yarn tangler. (He takes such good care of me.)

So, I’m ready to face the week, and good thing too, we have a BIG event at work that I need to be on the ball for. Heck, I don’t think I’ll even need a Benadryl to help me sleep tonight!