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I came, I saw, I conquered and I left with a bag load of yarn, glorious yarn.  I had a BLAST  with my fine group of fiber friends fiends at SAFF in Asheville this year. Best of all, I took this as an opportunity to take a long overdue trip out of town with my mother, another newly-converted fiber-a-holic. Here is most of the crew (some had class/had to leave/could not sit still)

All photos from the trip HERE.

I didn’t take any classes this year, it was overwhelming enough just being in a huge showroom with yarns and fibers that I didn’t even know existed. I will take an inventory and blog about my precious purchases later, but for now I’ll focus on the trip itself. We left bright and early on Friday morning and met up with a crowd at Waffle House. I had a pecan waffle and it rocked. I don’t normally do sweets or carbs at breakfast so this was a real treat.

Susan was positively gleeful from the discovery $85 in her SAFF purse from LAST year, and I was soon to discover why.  It only took us about 2 hours to get there. Not a bad road trip and I was antsy. I was finishing up the neverending 3/4 sleeves from my diminishing rib cardi and was lamenting the amount of space it was taking up in my bag. I also vowed not to purchase anything on day one, no, I would be mindful and wait until at least day 2.

I bought a beautiful sterling shawl pin and a sweater’s worth of yarn before lunchtime.

I was absolutely high from the spending and had to sit down for a while to recover.  We ate at Carrabas that night and I committed carbicide with gnocchi and sausage and bread and calamari. On to the Hampton Inn to laugh and knit, and laugh (we’re a loud bunch) talking about homosexual gorillas and exchanging recipes. I learned what qiviut was and how yummy it was to behold and how pretty Janet worked it up and how dangerously decadant an expense it could be.  I shopped and knitted my Saturday away, and since it was no longer raining we went and looked at the animals (probably mom’s favorite part of the trip)

I also bough sock yarn for me, it might not end up being socks as I got this KEWL beaded scarf pattern too. Come to think of it, I bought a lot of stuff for beading yarn. Go figure.

Me and my yarn will be VERY happy together thankyouverymuch.

I drove mom’s golfcart all weekend (the Prius) and didn’t like it one bit in the rain but converted after I figured out what all the buttons were for. There’s a lot of buttons to push in this car and no key!

All in all it was PERFECTION and we’re already scheming about next year. Like I’m bringing much smaller projects and making this and some of these and bringing much more cash. Anyone want to give me some of their unwanted cash for SAFF next year?

August 20th, 2007 | 2 Comments »

Warning- I haven’t posted any images lately so you are in store for an overabundance. Enjoy.

I’ll give a teensy peek of the finished stealth project, ok?

Hey- she reads my blog! I can’t show it to you or mention it much- except I had a ‘block party’ at my house this weekend and said item is beyoootiful! I promise, two-three more weeks, tops.

In other knitting news, I started another project for another birthday- she doen’t read my blog so I can show you this:

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August 17th, 2007 | 3 Comments »

Ok, that may be a tad misleading. I’m not sure if it will be the absolutely largest cozy on the planet, but it is going to be pretty freakin’ close.

This marks my very first socially conscious project. (Horray for social commentary through art and craft and fiber!) And it involves knitting a big damn cozy for an abandoned gas station in New York (and the gas pumps too) as a statement about our society’s over-dependence on fossil fuels.

Check it out at the International Fiber Collaborative. The organizer, Jennifer Brooke Marsh, is a fiber artist and grad student at Syracuse University. She has called for artists and groups to contribute 800- 3ft by 3ft squares- to be sewn together create said cozy (which is what I’ve taken to calling it, because to be swaddled in fiber goodness is decidedly more cozy than to not, wouldn’t you agree?)

I said to myself, “Self” -because that is what I do- “Self, this sounds like a fun and interesting endeavor that I can sink my teeth into, and I am sure to be able to russel up some folks to lend a hand or a swatch -or five.” Read the rest of this entry »