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I got a call today from the manager (owner?) at Empire Parking Services. You see, I put my rant into a pretty tidy little nastygram and sent it certified mail to all of the locations listed for the business. “Chris” was actually very nice, professional and asked me what happened. I relayed the story to him in gory detail about how, basically, his technician was a liar-liar-pants-on-fire. Turns out, this guy didn’t follow protocol. Tires of all vehicles with a valid ticket are supposed to be chalked. You can’t just say “your hood was hot” or “your wheels were hot” and boot somebody. He is also going to look into these employees. Because they were rude on top of being liars.

Now, I had requested a full refund, $75 boot removal and the $20 parking fee as I felt I was wrongly accused and held hostage for an hour. He wouldn’t refund the full $95 but will be sending me a check for the boot removal. I’m satisfied, I suppose. Although I spent an additional $15 for certified mail, and numerous days spent fuming over the matter, but it was the principle after all, not the money. Hopefully the check will come and clear and we’ll be done with it. But I wonder, is not taking them to court allowing the company to proceed in this manner? Do they count on the fact that most people, unlike myself, normally just get on with their lives. But no, I had to have my justice.

The moral of this story, children, is don’t park in a parking lot- use a deck whenever possible. Push button. Get ticket. Pay to leave, it is that simple.

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