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Why Ross Sucks and I won’t be shopping there ever again and “Pllllllbbbbbbttttt” to them.

Here is my letter to customer service of Ross: Dress for Less

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently visited the Ross located at XXXXX on Friday, May 23rd at approximately 6 PM. I would be remiss if I didn’t report my experience as by far the WORST encounter with customer service personnel store-wide that I have ever had. First of all, the store was in shambles, racks of clothing looked ravaged, shoes were missing their mates, stuff on the floor, just overall dingy and sloppy. Now, I don’t really mind so much as I was bargain shopping but the experience only got worse from this first impression. I went to the dressing room to try some things on, the lady manning the station was irritated (I gathered that she was supposed to get off work soon) and she handed me my number while on the phone with her boyfriend (who was to picking her up.) I went into a fitting room. I could hear her complaining to herself loudly as she entered each booth, CURSING, and directing anger at previous customers that left items in the room. Angry, filthy language was spewed as she slammed the doors in booths adjourning mine. As I left the dressing room with items I was going to purchase and a few that didn’t work, I asked her if I should put the unwanted dresses on the loaded rack nearby. She scoffed, only if I could find room, and that she had been telling people to put their own unwanted dresses back on the racks where they had gotten them. (I declined as I found space on the rack and felt that this was, after all, her job.)

I proceeded to check out after a brief glance at shoes, and I previously mentioned that many pairs were strewn on the floor and even more were missing their mate entirely. I waited in one of only two open lines with about thirty other people. I waited quite a long time. When it was just about my turn the woman working the register stopped talking to the woman at the CLOSED customer service desk long enough to ask me if I was paying in cash. I said, no, I will probably write a check to which she stated that the system probably wouldn’t take it. I then suggested my card, which the system was apparently not taking either. No apologies. No excuses. No announcement or warning to the fifteen people in the line behind me that unless you carried cash (which by the way most people don’t anymore) you weren’t going to be able to make your purchase. At this point she began to reprimand another worker for being late and I was appalled to discover that she might actually be the person IN CHARGE at this store.

There were no apologies for the inconvenience to ANY customer, and by now people had been waiting for quite some time. If I didn’t like the dress I had found so much (and the price) I probably wouldn’t have scraped out the cash that I mercifully happened to have on me at the moment. I have never been so ill treated as a customer by service and sales associates in an entire store before- it was almost as if they would have been happier we had all simply cleared out, customers in this particular instance were treated as if their very presence was a nuisance and the staff was totally inconvenienced to have to be dealing with us. I do not think I will ever return to Ross, but I did believe it to be the right thing to do to report my experience so at the very least someone at the corporate level would know why.

Thank you for your time.

Hey, sometimes they respond to this type of stuff, and sometimes they don’t, but at least I didn’t just bend over and take it. Ok, well since I did purchase the items anyways, I guess I sort of did, but the dress was under $20, with polka-dots!!! Well, I’m still mad and letting someone know, so there.

UPDATE: I was contacted by customer service AND the store manager very soon after I sent this. They were both very lovely and professional and said that the staff had been written up (and that it didn’t sound like a strange complaint.) I will probably go back (they offered me a 20% off coupon- but I probably won’t take it.) The principal was to make sure that someone noticed and at the very least cared.

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UPDATE: Immediately after this post where I discussed my displeasure with the installation process of my new internet service last week – and all the time that Jeff lost while waiting for the technician to figure out location of his asshole- I was contacted by Charter Corporate. I just spoke to a representative (they are out of state and we were playing phone tag all week) and they apologized for my experience AND credited me a month of internet service. I wasn’t writing to get any sort of credit or refund, I was just mad and wanted the anger out of my system and this blog, at times, can be a really good outlet for that.

This is the first time in a LONG time that I haven’t felt marginalized by a large corporation.

It just goes to show that sometimes there are still some surprises left in the universe and some people DO care.

The blog is a powerful tool, one must always use it for good, never evil.

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And so does playing the man’s games. I’d love to have ANY option for internet service other than Charter. But alas, my personal situation necessitates playing the “man’s” silly, torturous games.

As you may well know, I have recently added wireless internet service to my apartment. I know, the last human on the planet to do so, but I’m here and connected and all is right with the universe.

I had Jeff take charge of the task because he knows a little bit more about this stuff than I do, he’s the man, he has more during the week “free” time (and actually, his time isn’t so much free, but being his own boss, he can put off his own list of things he has to get done and wait for a cable guy so I don’t have to take any time off of work- which is very nice considering how long it took and how frustrating it was.) Besides, he has been wanting me to get connected for much longer than I have even been interested- so there. We tried to shop around, but as I have no land line (and honestly no need for one) the only option we had was to go with the cable company I’m already using, Charter. Boooo. (That or hack into the neighbor’s wireless, however, being as we don’t have the know-how for such an operation and it is morally wrong, we had to succumb to ‘the man’ and sign up.)

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