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I made these last weekend:

My mother gave me the book Hello Cupcake this Christmas. Ok, so it is probably the favoritest Christmas gift in the history of Christmas gifts other than the iPod. Oh and the George Foreman grill with interchangeable plates. But Hello Cupcake is the BEST cupcake book ever! Ok, so it is the only one I have or have ever seen, but I lurves it!

Anyhoo, I wanted to make the Aliens, but it was insisted that for a baby shower, I make the stupid babies.

So I did.

They were cute.

And tasty.

And messy.

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One of my oldest friends Jen (of SugarChef fame) was on TV!  She looks so good… and so smart… and with such pretty cakes- check her out HERE. Um,  “Jade” didn’t seem to be paying very much attention. I noticed that my girl Jen had to repeat herself several times (I hate that.) I’ll bet Jade could use a session with my therapist on active listening techniques and not just waiting for her turn to talk, you know?

I’m mostly teasing. Jen rocked. Because she is a culinary rock star you know. Not many in the world so yes, I’m proud.

Of course I do like cake. Making them, not eating them. And reading about making them. Oh, and watching shows about making them.  Ace of Cakes is still my guilty pleasure show on the food network, mostly because I like to watch them flip their shit out over deadlines and cakes falling apart and then the stoner/cake designer/fix-it-man “Geoff” swoops in with his monotone voice and his bag of tricks and manages to always save the day just barely before the bride/client/celebrity/birthday boy walks in. Or it could be edited to heighten t.v. drama, I dunno.

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Imagine it surrounded by blue jello and you have the finished project. It is two sheet cakes stacked (then frozen) then carved in the general shape of a naval aircraft carrier. (the most expensive part of this cake were the airplanes- but they were absolutely necessary for the success of the piece and they came with the bonus blue sky backdrop.) The tower is made from two mini-loafs, frozen then cut (a very important step) and then iced with pretzels stuck in for the antennae. All in all, it was a very cool cake to make and pretty tasty (so I’ve heard) so I think it to be a success. I do believe I may have peaked in my short career as a hobbyist/amateur cake chef. I don’t think I can out do this one, so I’m going to retire for a bit- maybe focus on pies. If you want to see REAL culinary talent, please check out my friend Jen at sugarchef.com. (Hi Jen!) She is a south-Floridian now and I haven’t seen her in ages, but she remains a pastry chef and artist that has impeccable taste and talent, and I love her dearly!

Also, I finished my Le Slouch last night (helloooo- free pattern over at Knit and Tonic!) Actually, it started as a Christmas gift, hence the no progress photos so as to not spoil the surprise, but then I remembered how last year, I made all these cute beaded fingerless mitts and never a pair for myself (sniff sniff) so I decided to keep her.

Besides, I had to retool the gauge a tad (I was using a finer yarn than the pattern called for.) And I swatched. Ok, I semi-swatched so it is a hair bigger than it could be, but it is a slouchy beret and I love it. Crap, don’t ask me to recall the yarn. I bought it at Hobby Lobby a month or so ago. I actually think it is actually a baby yarn, but it is cool with this little white and pink wrap around the black, made the seed stitch really ‘pop.’ Yes, probably asscrylic, but it is soft and I don’t care. I do have an affinity for black and pink together, so this was meant to be my hat. (See how I justify being so far behind on the holiday knitting and keeping an FO for myself?) I’m not going to sweat it, really.


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This weekend was a whirlwind of activity. Friday was Megan’s Birthday and we went to an awesome Middle Eastern restaurant in Alpharetta called Byblos. We managed to behave ourselves, although I did boogie a little with the belly dancer. On Saturday morning I had to come to the sad realization that I wouldn’t be able to bake a cake in the shape of a naval aircraft carrier for Charles’ big send off AND get amply beautified AND go to knitting, so alas, I had to miss yet another meeting.

Let me tell you, Rachel outdid herself on this party. Little brother is going into the Navy this week and will be missing all sorts of holidays, so she had Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s represented Saturday night. We all got all fancied up and took some photos, it was a great send off. And since I behaved myself so well the night before, I took this opportunity to eat very little and imbibe the entirety of a bottle of wine. I was pretty pickled when we got home and by all accounts I didn’t make an ass of myself- just giggly- so that is a good thing. The cake was a hit, photos to follow. This one was a real challenge with the instructions “make a boat or something.” But I somehow pulled it off. No more cakes for a while, I’m caked out and I don’t think I can top this one.

Yesterday, Jeff’s friend August was in town from Los Angeles for a brief visit. So we went to Virginia Highlands for sushi followed by an evening at the Punchline (Ted scored some free tickets through a site called freecycle?) We saw Kenny Rogerson, he was very funny. Now, I normally don’t go out all day and evening on a Sunday- I neglected both house cleaning and laundry- but it was well worth it for some much deserved fun.

So, I’m exhausted, I need a day to recover from my weekend. Getting a flu shot today (bleech.)  But I don’t want the flu. Nope. No flu for me.

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I don’t know why I do it to myself- I don’t even really enjoy eating cake all that much- but I feel the need to bake for people’s monumental occasions that celebrate their birth (i.e. birthdays.) Sick and sad as it seems- some folks apparently like this tradition and I may have just screwed the pooch on this one as, it seems, the birthdays keep on coming and I’m having to outdo myself time and time again. (but seriously, will it ever be better than the great Pirate Cake collaboration 2007? I think not.) In this particular instance, I made a birthday cake in the shape of a purse for Rachel’s 30th birthday from a recipe I found here.

Totally cute idea. I followed the instructions exactly (well, a minor strawberry cake mix substitution) but almost exactly. I got this late Friday night:

Now, I must interject that as I made it, Jeff was expressing his concerns from a basic construction standpoint. But I wanted to follow the directions. And for him to shut up. (Not necessarily in that order.) I should have listened to Mr. Erector-Set (tee-hee- erector) because at 6:30 AM on Saturday morning, I had this:

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