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Prepare yourself for a tall glass of whine.

I’m in a mood. A bad one. Happens from time to time, this time, this day, it beyond sucks.

I have many a reason. My head hurts. I’m irrationally irritated at people who have the audacity to breathe my air today. I may have finally run out of blogging content (after only 2 months – horray!) or at least interesting blogging content. (Olaf warned me it would happen, I pshawed him- citing never running out of things to talk about EVER.)

Still no sign of the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern I ordered from freakin’ two weeks ago. I’ve refrained from mentioning the store outright because admittedly- I can be impatient. But now at the 2 week mark I have to tell y’all how I’ve been shamed by their customer service rep that stated that since I purchased only a pattern and not any yarn, it had to travel by special box that can only be hand stamped-(by pixies?) and shipped via what I can only assume must be horseback- from Maine to Georgia. Had I thrown in a hank of yarn, I understand, it would have arrived lightning swift. Now, I haven’t bitched about it yet to customer service, because it is a freakin’ pattern for-crying-out-loud and I loathe to be rude, and I am aware that my intense displeasure might be a slight side effect of PMS. Possibly. Maybe. Where are those chocolate Teddy Grahms I opened yesterday? I know they are hiding in my desk like little sweet, crunchy, refugees, dammit. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 10th, 2007 | 2 Comments »

If I were a Simpson’s character, this would be me- and actually it is pretty darn close. You too can make one here: -it has lots of facial feature and clothing options- but this site has backgrounds:

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m actually more excited about Stardust- opening this weekend. I love movies- like a lot- particularly the kind that make me feel like a little girl again- with princesses and magic and evil witches and stuff. I just can’t help it, so I’ll probably have to drag the man to see it next week sometime as I am going to the lake this weekend. My air conditioning was serviced yesterday so I slept through the night in comfort for the first time this week (yay), but alas, no Baby Bobbi Bear pattern for me yet (booo.) I know, I’m sad too. I sent a message to the company from which it was purchased and am anxiously awaiting a response.

UPDATE: Pattern only shipping is sent via a special cardboard box and thus has to be hand stamped and therefore can take up to two weeks to arrive. Um, this place is located in Maine Massachusetts, not Mars- can I get a little WTF?

It’s hot. I’m not patient and/or kind when it is this freakin’ hot. And it looks like the stealth knitting/lap o’ wool is going to the lake with me this afternoon unless by some miracle I have said special cardboard box.

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I ordered the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern over a week ago. It supposedly shipped via regular 1st class mail last Friday, but as of yesterday afternoon it was still not in my mailbox. I’ve refrained from expressing any displeasure-itude to the customer service department because I suppose it isn’t THAT late and I acknowledge the indisputable fact that I am not very fond of waiting for stuff- like ever. I’m also uber-anxious to get my hands on a book written by a favorite blogger of mine, Crazy Aunt Purl, it is called Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair – I’ve pre ordered my copy, have you? If you haven’t checked her out- knitters and non-knitters- you are in for a treat. I LOVE her- but that is a post for another day. Read the rest of this entry »

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