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We had a hot date last night, in culmination of the never ending birthday festivities, my man, a.k.a. “this” guy:

–took me to see Eddie Izzard (in concert?) It isn’t a concert when it is a comedian is it? It is a theatrical performance, right? Well, anyhoo, we LOVE Eddie Izzard. He is the funniest mo’fo’ on the planet as far as I’m concerned, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself last night.

And he looked like this:

… but less blurry and stuff. Yeah.

We saw this performance at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre (ooh, spelled with an “re” I wonder if things there are colourful too since we’re being all fancy pants and using Briticisms and all.) It is located on Cobb Galleria Parkway (not to be confused with Cobb Parkway, which is close, but not the same thing. Sheesh, you would think they could come up with a better road name, right? It is a really beautiful theater, new, big but not too big. There was a minor mishap with ushers sending us to the wrong side of the theater (odds and evens are on opposite ends.) Our seats were good but there didn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house. Eddie performed for like, 2 1/2 hours- just talking and being funny for over two hours! Amazing bloke that one is, talking about bollocks and being genuinely entertaining. (I wish I were British, to say things like bloke, bollocks and shag all the time, it would be sweet!) Anyways, blah, blah, great show, great new venue (but it was a tad chilly, my own fault for not bringing a wrap) good times!

Thanks honey! Nobody do a birthday like you do! Now birthday month 2008 is officially closed.


Just for you, Margaret:

This was me on night of said date. And actually this was Jeff:

You can tell that it is him by the telephone surgically attached to his ear lobe. The photo at the top of the post was taken of him in his funny, magic man clothes. He has the BEST tshirt collection ever!

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Fwiends. We went to Ichiban on Friday night, sushi and martinis followed by Sex and the City, it doesn’t get much better than that. I loves my girls (aren’t they pretty?) we don’t get to do this very often so it made for an even more special evening.

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Ok, so my birthday weekend is over! It has been a whirlwind of activity this past week, what with going out to lunch and dinner (a lot) and presents and movies and concerts, I’m bushed. I think my favorite part of the weekend was being lazy and eating ice cream while watching a zombie movie with Jeff, but the Cure concert last night was a close second!  Friday I had sushi and went to see Sex and the City with the gals, Saturday I had a massage and facial followed by knitting (followed by a long nap) and then a cozy evening in. Last week, the lovely Barbara came to take me to lunch and gifted me a beautiful sewing machine! I am sorry to say I never had the sewing opportunity this weekend, Saturday turned out to be a bust because I was so darn relaxed and noodley after the massage and facial (2 hours of spa time, smelly good stuff, steam and new age music will do that to you.) Thursday -an evening with mother, delightful adventures a plenty – walking to a cozy restaurant with broken air conditioning (but good food and lovely wait staff- so it was a trade off) and walking home in the rain, I kept her out too late but it was worth it.

So, I think that wraps things up. Crap, no, it doesn’t, yesterday being Father’s Day, I also had lunch with my Dad, followed by ice cream movie time, followed by concert, where IS my brain today, really?

Good times, thank you to everyone that made 31 a very good year indeed!

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Some would say that I am not good at keeping secrets. And naturally, some would be right. I just get so EXCITED about stuff, you know? I love to share in people’s joys so much, I take it into me and enjoy a friend’s triumph as if it is my own, so naturally, if you have something you really don’t want the world to know, be aware of “secret face.” I don’t blab secrets outright or anything (that would just be cruel) I just have a “I know something you don’t know” face, and I flush clear out to the tips of my ears.

Which brings me to the point of this post. In addition to Jeff’s birthday party this Sunday, I have something so fun planned for us on Saturday. Now, I haven’t ever tried to surprise Jeff, I can’t, I have secret face and he is a pretty smart guy, but I think he will be surprised. Of course he knows we are doing something, his schedule is so crazy I had to make sure he would block out the time for me so I could buy tickets… (I LOVE tickets!!!) And this thing is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to spend the day with him on Saturday in celebration of his actual birthday- just the two of us. AND I got him an ultracool present, I’m just a titter with happy secret birthdayness.


Oh, AND I’m going to try and make this this week, or at least my own version of it for the par-tay.

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November 12th, 2007 | No Comments »

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity. Friday was Megan’s Birthday and we went to an awesome Middle Eastern restaurant in Alpharetta called Byblos. We managed to behave ourselves, although I did boogie a little with the belly dancer. On Saturday morning I had to come to the sad realization that I wouldn’t be able to bake a cake in the shape of a naval aircraft carrier for Charles’ big send off AND get amply beautified AND go to knitting, so alas, I had to miss yet another meeting.

Let me tell you, Rachel outdid herself on this party. Little brother is going into the Navy this week and will be missing all sorts of holidays, so she had Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s represented Saturday night. We all got all fancied up and took some photos, it was a great send off. And since I behaved myself so well the night before, I took this opportunity to eat very little and imbibe the entirety of a bottle of wine. I was pretty pickled when we got home and by all accounts I didn’t make an ass of myself- just giggly- so that is a good thing. The cake was a hit, photos to follow. This one was a real challenge with the instructions “make a boat or something.” But I somehow pulled it off. No more cakes for a while, I’m caked out and I don’t think I can top this one.

Yesterday, Jeff’s friend August was in town from Los Angeles for a brief visit. So we went to Virginia Highlands for sushi followed by an evening at the Punchline (Ted scored some free tickets through a site called freecycle?) We saw Kenny Rogerson, he was very funny. Now, I normally don’t go out all day and evening on a Sunday- I neglected both house cleaning and laundry- but it was well worth it for some much deserved fun.

So, I’m exhausted, I need a day to recover from my weekend. Getting a flu shot today (bleech.)  But I don’t want the flu. Nope. No flu for me.

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I don’t know why I do it to myself- I don’t even really enjoy eating cake all that much- but I feel the need to bake for people’s monumental occasions that celebrate their birth (i.e. birthdays.) Sick and sad as it seems- some folks apparently like this tradition and I may have just screwed the pooch on this one as, it seems, the birthdays keep on coming and I’m having to outdo myself time and time again. (but seriously, will it ever be better than the great Pirate Cake collaboration 2007? I think not.) In this particular instance, I made a birthday cake in the shape of a purse for Rachel’s 30th birthday from a recipe I found here.

Totally cute idea. I followed the instructions exactly (well, a minor strawberry cake mix substitution) but almost exactly. I got this late Friday night:

Now, I must interject that as I made it, Jeff was expressing his concerns from a basic construction standpoint. But I wanted to follow the directions. And for him to shut up. (Not necessarily in that order.) I should have listened to Mr. Erector-Set (tee-hee- erector) because at 6:30 AM on Saturday morning, I had this:

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Yay! The Pirate Cake is completed in time for the party tonight for Captain Jack‘s 30th birthday! The idea all started when I purchased my castle bunt pan back in April. I wanted to make something so badly, but just didn’t have the particular occasion. So the seed was planted and the idea flourished and I thought that a Lord of the Rings cake would rock. Unfortunately, Target, Toys R’ Us and Wal-Mart thought differently.

But we did manage to find pirates. DR-Boy said- hey- we can make a castle and a beach and then some WATER in order to justify the use of pirates! It sounded like a good idea to me, and so began our great “collaboration”.

Now when a control-freak and a perfectionist put their heads together, not everything comes out sweet. Actually, we are lucky we didn’t kill each other in some icing-coated massacre.

So we begin. I had my initial concerns, this frightened me:

That is a LOT of crevices for cake junk to get stuck in.

Luckily I purchased this:

And a Joy it was, indeed. The cake came out slicker than snot (if you will excuse the expression.)

So I made a bunt and sheet cake. I was finished baking. Ready to decorate. That is when Psycho Perfectionist (also known as Delayed Reaction Boy) swooped in to say that it wouldn’t be big enough do do land, sea AND castle. After much heated discussion, this happened.

Damn skippy. YOU think it isn’t big enough, YOU bake the next cake. (Um, he was right, by the way, about MANY things in this collaboration, but so was I, not that I keep track of that kind of thing. Oh, P.S. and by the way, I am a bit of a control freak, I CAN share but don’t like to, sue me!)

Moving on, he carefully shaped the terrain

I mixed the icing colors for land and sea

The Twizzler Cracken was introduced

Golden Oreo Crumb Beach (One of the things I was right about, but I’m not keeping score or anything.)

Castle dusted with powder sugar and supporting icing “bushes”

Fruit Roll-Up Flags

Voila! (Aerial View)

Yes, the pirates on the boat seem slightly smaller than the ones on land, but that is only because they are oh so very far away. They are WAY out on the ocean. Yes they are. Shut up.

The palm trees are cookie sticks, pretzels, icing and fruit roll-ups. Notice the mini goldfish surfing the waves. This cake is really awesome. No, I have no idea how we will transport the thing, I’m thinking a glass or two of wine so that I will be bold enough to balance it on my lap for transport and less likely to freak out. This sucker is pretty big.

Go here to see all the progress photos of the creation of Captain Jack’s Pirate Cake for his big 30th Birthday!

Trips to the Grocery Store: Four

Money Spent: Some

Moments Spent Planning the Demise of One’s Boyfriend: Too many to count.

Look on the Birthday Boy’s Face: Priceless.

Have a good weekend!

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Drum roll please- I’ve finished an easy hat! AND I have the pictures to prove it!

My gentleman friend and I are currently working on costumes based on the movie “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” for us to wear at DragonCon. (I thought I might like to call him my gentleman friend until I figure out what I prefer. Boyfriend is blah. Besides, gentleman friend is what the little old ladies at my grandmother’s fancy retirement community call their boyfriends because the term boyfriend sounds really silly when applied to an 80 year old man. I thought I’d borrow the endearment and try it on for a little while.)

Well, anyways, the specifics of the project: The yarn is basic, boring Red Heart, but the result gets the point across. Seafarer beanie in red? DONE! Now, I only need to make 3 more. These costumes will actually be fun to wear as they will not be binding, nor will they require any makeup, mask, helmet or prop and we can wear tennis shoes!

Next Up: Another “Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick.” I know. I’m on my third in as many weeks. I really don’t know what is wrong with me. I also am working on have started and placed in a ziploc buried in a basket- a Rowan Tumbling Blocks Pillow in Intarsia (why? because I I’m a bit of a masochist? Probably, but more so I just feel like I should) and I the dreaded baby socks – I should probably finish before the baby gets too big, so I guess I’m just making felted bags because they make me smile, to procrastinate, to have that fresh-finished-feeling every day and if I mess them up it really doesn’t matter in the end.
Teaser: Now, guess what I’m making with these? (Sssssssssh. A special surprise for Jack’s 30th Birthday next week! More progress photos to come.)

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Thank you Olaf for gifting me the ability to be a blogger! I feel so special! This has seriously been the bestest birthday ever! (look Ma- I’m blogging!)

I have just returned to “reality” after a truly fantastic vacation to Memphis. Months ago, with the big 3-0 birthday looming and with the unwavering desire to avoid any unnecessary and/or embarrassing fuss, muss or hoopla, I plotted to disappear with my man for a well-deserved pilgrimage to Graceland.

Why? Many have asked me this question. I suppose it is because I have always been fascinated with the fascination of Elvis. Elvis as an institution, an icon. I wouldn’t have labeled myself as a fan- or worse- a fanatic- but I’ve always been more than mildly enamored with the “King.”

Me dodging shuttle busses to get to those gates!

So off we went, and we had such a great trip. We arrived in Memphis on Thursday evening and I proceeded to get intoxicated old-school style (with many shots of tequila.) I refused to dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly, but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit to contemplating it very seriously. In seeking the thrill of “look at me- I’ll be thirty in the morning”- I did smell out a karaoke bar. I sang one song (I love Rock and Roll) and promptly left the building. My honeypie said I was well-received by my fellow drunkards, but I’m thinking he was just trying to be polite.

Friday morning arrived like a punch in the face. Crap. Turning 30 feels an awful lot like a hangover. No worries, because the big b-day was also day o’ ELVIS. I got to see the house, the cars, the planes, the jumpsuits, even the grave site. It was surreal. Elvis was an actual human, that took care of his momma and daddy, that gave money to charities, that liked peanut butter and ‘nanner sammiches in his ultra-cool 70’s kitchen. Even though we did visit other places over the weekend, the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel (where Martin Luther King was shot), the Center for Southern Folklore, and the sights, sounds and smells (ew) of Beale Street- nothing else was more invigorating than Graceland. I must mention that I managed to spazz out in style by tripping over my own feet not once or twice – but thrice- in a completely sober state! I’ll be grateful for memories of this trip for a long time!

Spazz and Elvismobile

Click HERE to see all the photos from my trip.

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Welcome back from Graceland. I expect you Bedazzled something in a historic gesture from your experience. While you were away, the Web Gnomes were busy cornering off a section of the Internet just for you. They’re apparently gay, and that’s why there’s so much pink girliness around here. It has no bearing on me…Webmaster Gradin.

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