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As the Dimple Shale Scarf is rolling right along, I somehow got distracted by this:

I didn’t even take any progress photos! it knit up so quickly. I just love this pattern. Now I want to make a purple one. I was going to give it as a Christmas gift, but I’m not sure I can wait that long- I shall try. I used some Lion Brand Microspun I bought months ago for a project it was not well suited for. I also read it had a tendency to pill when washed, so I figured the only use for it would be a stuffed animal of some sort.

Now I’m chomping at the bit to make Sheldon. I don’t know why, it isn’t like the pattern is ‘new’ I just want to make him. And I want to make him in every color of the rainbow (much like Bobbi) Has anyone else out there ever made it? The turtle is separate from his shell, you can even tuck his little head inside. Too cute.

August 29th, 2007 | 2 Comments »

I’m up WAY past my bedtime, but after finishing the uber-secret DragonCon costume details tonight, I finished my Baby Bobbi Bear.

Olaf and Jeff are still working on the Ghostbusters Proton Pack so I’m writing from the comfort of my sofa. (LOVE that.)

Olaf says that the bear is ‘uniformly packed’ which I’m taking as a compliment from resident science guy. (It is, indeed stuffed well which results in an overall even, nice squishiness.)

Here it is before the face was put on:

And after:

I’m so pleased with this project. It was a very satisfying knit. The finishing was some of the easiest I have ever done considering it is a stuffed animal. The ears practically knat themselves. The duplicate stitch, it would seem, helps to distinguish the head from the torso. The head is still considerable in size but not detracting from the overall cuteness. Fox says it looks like a kindergartener (big melon, teensy body.) I used some nice yarn (surprised?) for the embroidery- some of the leftover Silkroad in Licorice from Jeff’s Jughead Hat. It has some pretty little flecks of blue and purple in it- slightly more interesting than just ‘black’.

As I was not certain of the color scheme of the bedroom, I just used a pretty white ribbon to finish it off. I’m happy.

And, consequently sleepy.


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I had some more Baby Bobbi progress today at home at lunch, I stuffed and I blogged! Hurrah for living and working in the same neighborhood! Two posts in one day, I’m a knit-blogging machine! Well, I will be gone for a whole week, I know, disappointing my massive readership of three, one of which I will be with at the beach, so I’ll just have to think of funny things to show and tell her while I’m there. Such as: Hey! That cloud looks like Robert Goulet! Or- Does this sunburn make me look fat? Or- LOOK! a crab fell in the pool and died! But probably more like- I finished another cocktail, let’s Ro Sham Bo to see who has to get up and make the next one.

I put stuffing in the BabyBobbi Bear. (see the gi-normo head?) It is so soft and huggable, let’s hope it will also be cute, massive teddy bear melon and all.

Here is the arm hole:

This technique is proving to be a tad more difficult than I thought it would be. It might be the smaller needle size and the boucle yarn, I’ll let y’all know when I make one in a different yarn. I have some leftover Knit Picks Shine Sport in Hydrangea from my keyhole top that also wants to be incarnated as a Baby Bobbi Bear. For real. It asked me if it could be a bear and go live with Ashlyn. I know, when your stash starts talking to you it is a warning sign that it is time for vacation.

As far as the Baby Bobbi Bear being kind of… big, I do believe the original Bobbi was something like two feet long. This particular one is not so much ‘miniature’ as it is a good , solid hugging size.

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The end is in site for the costume construction for DragonCon. We will be revamping Pee Wee and Miss Yvonne (last year’s Halloween costumes) sometime this weekend in addition to our group outfit- the Life Aquatic team- and our ultra-secret creation. I just have to pack and make sure I don’t forget a single eyelash, in addition to packing up the car for the beach!

I have managed to do some knitting.

See- Baby Bobbi sans stuffing

I still have much work to do, but it is finishing stuff. The last arm is knit around the stuffing and closed up. This yarn has been a tad difficult to work with, but I went down a needle size too so the fabric would be more dense so it is probably my own fault. (I wouldn’t want his guts to come out, you know.) Then I will do the ears, a duplicate stitch around the neck – which I’m not quite sure of how or why it needs to be done, but I’ll do it. And then embroider the face. The head is freaking HUGE. I looked at the photo and I believe the head is supposed to be as big as the torso, but it looks, so far, gargantuan. But I think I may still be able to pull it off.

It snuggles good though. And, because I will eventually HAVE to mention it, so does this:

Look what Dr. Doolittle found in the woods. Yup, that would be a beh-beh kitteh, about a week old, abandoned by its momma and starving to death. No, it will not be living with us. In fact, I’m hoping that someone that will remain nameless will get off the fence and take this here little-un off our hands once it is old enough to go. (It has to be bottle fed and so far I’m proving myself to be not very maternal, thank goodness Jeff is maternal enough for the both of us.)

August 21st, 2007 | 3 Comments »

I cast it on today.

Or rather, she. I definitely feel like this bear is going to be a girl. It is FOR a girl, so she should be decidedly feminine. I’m not sure what colors the bedroom for the new baby girl is to be, so I dove into my stash and dug out a white, fuzzy, bouclĂ© yarn. No, I’m not using the yarn the pattern suggests. I started to purchase some, but wasn’t sure of which colors and which yarn to buy(it had three suggestions). Then I figured exact gauge isn’t as important for a stuffed animal. Besides, I saw in my struggles to get my hands on a copy of this pattern (um, as of today,I now have two) and this person did one in bouclĂ© yarn and it came out cute – plus I knew I had some floating around ye olde stash somewhere. Do I know the maker of the yarn? Not a clue. If I had to guess, I would say I bought it somewhere unsexy like Wal-Mart. But if the baby barfs on it, it would be nice to be able to spot clean it without fear of felting the little bugger, right?

How wouldn’t she be cute? (Have you seen the face?) I’ll probably put a pink or purple bow around the neck anyways. I dunno yet. So fun, off to get to it.

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Warning- I haven’t posted any images lately so you are in store for an overabundance. Enjoy.

I’ll give a teensy peek of the finished stealth project, ok?

Hey- she reads my blog! I can’t show it to you or mention it much- except I had a ‘block party’ at my house this weekend and said item is beyoootiful! I promise, two-three more weeks, tops.

In other knitting news, I started another project for another birthday- she doen’t read my blog so I can show you this:

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