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I had some very lovely models for the sketch group on Friday.

She sat still for a whole 10 minute pose. Way to go baby girl with your first paying modeling gig!

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Layin’ low this weekend. Did laundry. Mopped. Finished the Hegie- I ended up stuffing him with polyfil and some stones- so he would be heavy. I needle felted his face on yesterday, very easy finishing after he dried.

This is him in the herb garden this morning before the storm rolled in. He will go to live with my mom (surprise mom!) after I get a chance to take him to a meeting to be photographed with the other hedgies.  This was a fun KAL.

Also working on a test knit for Pixie, here is a glimpse of another something cute she has up her sleeve:

That is all for now. Have a marvelous week.

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Prepare yourself for a tall glass of whine.

I’m in a mood. A bad one. Happens from time to time, this time, this day, it beyond sucks.

I have many a reason. My head hurts. I’m irrationally irritated at people who have the audacity to breathe my air today. I may have finally run out of blogging content (after only 2 months – horray!) or at least interesting blogging content. (Olaf warned me it would happen, I pshawed him- citing never running out of things to talk about EVER.)

Still no sign of the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern I ordered from kpixie.com freakin’ two weeks ago. I’ve refrained from mentioning the store outright because admittedly- I can be impatient. But now at the 2 week mark I have to tell y’all how I’ve been shamed by their customer service rep that stated that since I purchased only a pattern and not any yarn, it had to travel by special box that can only be hand stamped-(by pixies?) and shipped via what I can only assume must be horseback- from Maine to Georgia. Had I thrown in a hank of yarn, I understand, it would have arrived lightning swift. Now, I haven’t bitched about it yet to customer service, because it is a freakin’ pattern for-crying-out-loud and I loathe to be rude, and I am aware that my intense displeasure might be a slight side effect of PMS. Possibly. Maybe. Where are those chocolate Teddy Grahms I opened yesterday? I know they are hiding in my desk like little sweet, crunchy, refugees, dammit. Read the rest of this entry »

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Other than the stealth knitting, which is progressing, I have managed to work on some other small projects. The first is the finished Baby Bolero for the piglet.


And the back with the ‘optional’ eyelet lace detail (although, it is so damn cute, WHY oh WHY would anyone opt not to make the eyelet lace detail?)

Do you like the quarter I included as an indication of scale? That’s how I roll with my mad blogging skillz. I am a tad concerned that it won’t fit the Amazing 10-lb. baby come winter, but I suppose as it has already been gifted, it is no longer my concern.

I am also working on this:

It is called the “Jughead” from my new favorite book Domiknitrix that Rachel and Caleb gave me for my birthday. It is knit in a garter stitch sideways with short rows for the shaping (a great pattern for practicing your short rows if you were going to make something like socks- which I’m not, but I’m just sayin’). I’m about ready to bitchner stitch this thing up- grafting the two sides together- then picking up stitches at the crown to finish it off. Not too shabby for a weekend project.

There are so many cute patterns in this book- I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. It isn’t nearly as naughty as the title would suggest- but more devilishly, delightfully quirky. And the yarn I’m using is like sex on toast (for lack of a better description.) It is so decadent for me-I’m more of a Wool Ease, knitpicks kind of gal- so Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Licorice, a wool, cashmere, silk blend is BEYOND yum, yum, yummy. It is by far the sexiest yarn I’ve ever worked with (as in, out of my tax bracket at full price.) I purchased one measly little ball at 50% off when my LYS went out of business and I regret not buying much more of this stuff- like enough for a sweater or something.

The hat is a gift for my man, my main squeeze, my sweet honeypie, my raison d’être- Jeff (also affectionately known as Delayed-Reaction Boy). He, unfortunately, isn’t much of a hat person, he sports a much fancier hairdo than I, but I think that 10 minutes with this baby when it is finished should change his mind forever.

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Has anyone ever made a Baby Bobbi Bear?

They are so farkin’ cute I couldn’t contain myself any longer, so, since now more than ever I have an itchin’ to knit some disgustingly cute crap for the new babe, I succombed and bought the pattern online today.

I also bought Knitting for Baby at the grand closing of my LYS last week. It was slightly warped – but at 65% off I couldn’t NOT buy it! Besides, books (among other things) that live with me have a tendency to end up slightly warped anyways.

Exhibit A:

Okay, well, admittedly, he was pretty twisted when I got him.

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I’m in love with a beautiful girl! Here is baby Ashlyn. She arrived early yesterday morning at 5:15 AM after 29 hours of labor. She weighs 9 lbs. 15 oz. and both Momma and Baby are doing just fine. We visited last night. Can you believe these photos were taken of baby when she is only about 14 hours old? I know lots of people say this, but here and now it is absolutely true- this is an exceptionally beautiful child, don’t you think?

Do you remember these? My first (and last) baby socks?

Here they are in action- warming teensy feets. I used the Tofutsies Yarn- wool, soysilk, cotton, chitin blend that is supposed to be naturally antibacterial.

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We have a baby.

(Say “Cheers to the beh-beh!!!”)

I say “we” as easy as pie because Rachel and I have been friends since forever. We met when we were 7 years old at Spalding Drive Elementary School in Sandy Springs Georgia and have enjoyed the ups and downs of each other’s lives for the past 23 years. Last fall, she married Caleb, and last night they delivered their first child. We’ve been anxiously awaiting her arrival for what feels like an eternity, and she will be so loved.

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