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I have been knitting, I swear… just more slowly and with less progress, but I have selected some ambitious projects, I’m trying not to sweat it. I ordered the kit from Knit Picks for Mr. Foster the sock monkey (with the cute little pj’s!) Well, I’ve finished the monkey, now I’m working on his clothes, but it is about to be summer,maybe I’ll make him a little mankini or something.

Here is my monkey, Osvaldo:

Do you want to touch my monkey? He won’t mind.

January 15th, 2009 | 8 Comments »

Ok, I just can’t say no to people and I’m so fully stoked that I have succeeded in my first giveaway that I’m giving away four sets of combs. Although technically, Miss Amanda A. was the only one to respond with the required “YES! I want me some of those EZ Combs! Right on!” the other entries should therefore be forfeit, but I’m not one for dismissal on a technicality. So she gets the pink ones. (Pink = special in my world.)

To Miss Holly the closest to leopard print that was in the box- a black and tan beaded set. And to Mindy some loverly blue/green EZ combs (thought they’d look nice with your hair color.) Babs, get back to me with what you want, I have a few sets left.

I love sharing. Makes me all tingly inside.

In other news, look what I’ve been up to:

Finished this guy for Jen

Finally made myself some of these:

(Made with one last ball of Jo Sharp Silkroad that I scored for 1/2 off at the closing of a LYS last year and why oh why didn’t I buy more???!!!)

Oh, and I started this:

It will be the Amelia Earhardt aviator cap- a cute, vintage-looking hat for the COLD weather we’re having. I made one of these last year in the same yarn, Art Trends Artesanal (Cotton, Poly, Alpaca blend) and I love it but I went down a needle size as the knit seemed too loose and I remember it being ever so slightly large when I tried it on. I’ll probably ‘embellish’ it too to make it sassy, not sure how yet. And I’m using my awesome Harmony Options (gosh how I love these needles!)

You can say it, you know you want to. Ok, I’ll say it…

Way to bust stash, Spazz!

November 17th, 2008 | 1 Comment »

For all you fiber heads, I have actually finished something. I KNOW, it’s been so long!

Whatever does a finished object even look like? Well it is a very cool project! I made the Moebius Cowl in a beautiful beaded silk, it is simply lovely and I used up every bit of that wonderful yarn! (Thanks Jen!)

Do you like the current hair color? I can’t remember what box it came in, but it is a slightly darker shade of mocha for the fall. And yes, I have bangs now. But they are cute bangs. No “bang intervention” necessary.

I’ve made more progress on Florence, yes the yarn is from last Christmas (thanks again John Olin and Margaret!) But this isn’t procrastination. No, this is PERFECTION, and perfection takes time. This is the softest knit fabric on the planet. I can’t wait to wrap myself in it some day in the next ten years.

Gigi is blocked and ready for seaming (feh, I hates the seaming process.) And will be lovely to wear in the spring.

I started some pedicure socks as a demo for the class I am currently teaching. A class on socks. A class on socks in the magic loop method. My students are all doing so well on their little practice sock, I feel like a parent on prom night, I want to whip out the camera and dab tears from my eyes at each milestone. YAY! we have turned a heel! Save this sock in a scrapbook, seriously!

For this particular pair there will be no toes (duh, that is where the pedicure part comes in.) I dyed the yarn myself months ago with kool aid. This was my demo-day yarn. I was sick as a dog that day, can you tell? I would have to file this self-striping yarn under the category of fiber disaster. The colors are very much like giving a child some rainbow sherbet then placing them on the tilt-o-whirl. It is rather like sherbet regurgitated. I suppose these socks, due to their unfortunate color palette, will have to be “keepers” but I may gift them if they come out even remotely cute and then I shall christen this colorway as “Sherbet Spew From Me to You.” Oh, and with love.

And finally, I’m making the Baby Yoda Sweater (free pattern on ravelry) for little Nevin in some left over yarn from the ROYGBIV blanket. I will make the sleeves and piping details navy blue on the burgundy sweater, it is going to be cool. The detail picture isn’t very exciting, so I’ll leave it up to imagination for now.

I’m so organized! Could you just die? Or at least be flabbergasted at my mad organization skillz?


November 7th, 2008 | 3 Comments »

When gifted some extravagantly luscious beaded silk from my friend Jen a while ago, I knew I would have to make it into something extra special. I also knew I would have to sit and fondle it for a few months to figure out exactly what that special something was going to be.

Fondling aside, what DO you do with 200 yards of hand-painted and beaded silk? Um,how about a knitted necklace? I decided that a simple scarf wouldn’t do this yarn justice, it would end up so long and skinny. So I opted for the Moebius Cowl a la Cat Bordhi (you can find the pattern for free on her website here.)

I read several patterns and borrowed some books on this method and ultimately decided that this freebie pattern was exactly what I was looking for, simple, yet lacy and fluttery, which would certainly do the yarn justice. I had read some directions on how to do it that made my brain melt- it is tricky, I’m not going to lie. But ultimately the cast on wasn’t really all that difficult. I found the demo on youtube and was saved! I only had to start over once. Thank you You Tube!

(Don’t you just love figuring out how to do something and having it work out well?)

I’m already half way through the cowl and it is going to be stunning when it is finished. In retrospect, it would have been a great pattern to work up on the plane on the trek visit the grandparents in a few weeks, but I want to wear it, like, now, so I suppose I’ll have to come up with another project to take with me. That won’t be hard I’m sure. Getting through the security checkpoint with my knitting, that is going to be fun.

Have a wicked cool weekend!

Okay, okay, one more close-up, your yarn porn for the day (you dirty monkeys.)

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So, ever feel like you just “can’t” do something? It’s too hard… I’m not strong enough… I’m too tired… It’s too far…

Try making incubating a whole new human while simultaneously performing for a crowd, oh and do it with a live snake around your neck. My friend Fox is an artist/teacher/photographer/dance instructor/business owner/wife/mother/evil crafty genius and one of the best people I know, and here she is, 8+ months preggo and bellydancing this past weekend.

That’s hot. That’s why she is my hero. Send out some good vibes to our mommy to be, I just can’t wait to meet the new spawn in a few short weeks!

September 14th, 2008 | 6 Comments »

I’m at the beach. Y’all, it is be-yoo-ti-ful here. I started my day today with a bike ride to the end of the island. They’ve finally installed a bike path all the way to the state park on the end of the island. It was hot, for certain, but simply delightful. I spent the morning with my toes in the sand and my nose in a book. The afternoon by the pool. And the later afternoon with Margaret, contemplating another bike ride into “town” but ultimately polishing off four beers while Randy played guitar in the tent on the beach.

Have I mentioned the beach?

And my room (look closely, this is the only time you will see the bed made.) Yes, that is a purple kimono, gifted to me prior to our exodus yesterday.

 Yes, that is a Virgin of Guadalupe candle on the dresser, I’m a latina, that’s how I roll. So, day one is complete, I am utterly relaxed and looking forward to the week. I predict much floating, reading, sand squishing between my toes and just a tad of liquor. I may not ever come back… seriously. Have a lovely week, you may not hear from me for a while…

You know, I’m of the mind set that life is too short. Too short to knit with crap yarn, too short to quit eating cheese, too short to keep waiting, waiting, waiting for the good stuff. Patience is a virtue? Not necessarily. Maybe not for me anymore.

Life is too short to not live happy, like each day is your last ever.

August 29th, 2008 | 8 Comments »

Woah-oh, living on a prayer. Not a bad song to have stuck in your head at all. Especially because we’ve made some serious strides in finishing up operation apartment do-over.

That is half of a finished apartment. Windows painted, patches where painters tape pulled off the paint fixed, furniture moved back (and vacuumed), new curtains courtesy of Momma (thank you again P.S. and by the way) and art work hung. We stayed up late. I had a smidge too much wine, but it was all well worth it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful living room that can actually be lived in. (This might actually get me out of bed.)

Now. As far as the other half of the apartment…. not so much… yet… but there really isn’t very much painting left. I’m feeling pretty good about all of this. We watched “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” last night (yes, again) because musicals and whores, what is better than that? (CONTENT DELETED SINCE I’VE GROWN UP A BIT.)

Oh, in other news, two of my college roommates delivered baby girls yesterday! Beth had her second- Sara Kate and Nicole had her fourth- Vivian Lauren. Way to go with the birthin’ ladies, the last two weeks have been all about the new humans coming into the world, I couldn’t be happier for all of you guys!

Have a great holiday weekend- I’m retreating to the mountains again, it should be fun… ish. We’ll see.

August 28th, 2008 | 3 Comments »

In the past 24 hours, I’ve learned the following:

1. Don’t buy painters tape at Big Lots, it can peel the drywall off of the walls (and paint too.)

2. Sweating is a good thing.

3. Don’t spray paint your switch plate covers on a teensy square of newspaper, the white over spray WILL get on your black patio table.

4. Gainesville had like a foot of rain in the past few days (and I have the full watering can I left on the patio to prove it.)

5. Cats like yarn… still. Ziplocs are your friend always.

6. NEVER stereotype the “type” of person that knits or crochets as being either elderly or female…

Don’t you love his outfit? That is dedication. That is delightful. That is… a whole lot of yellow. (Disclaimer: This is not my photograph, it was forwarded to me and I’m merely sharing it with the world because, honestly, someone must.)

August 15th, 2008 | 3 Comments »

I love my mother. Having an awesome mom rocks. I had a BIG night at work tonight, a triumph if you will, and my loverly mother also came up to help me…. paint. No, actually, to help me drink. But we looked at the paint in the can and said, yup, that’s a can of paint.

She brought me almonds.

And an article about why almonds are the awesomest food in the world.

(Look at her reading about the health benefits of almonds as she peels some teensy weensy cheese rounds.)

She also brought two bottles of wine, and a verrrrrry nice little sleeping pill -for use in an emergency “pity party” only, and not as a chaser for the wine. The photo is bad and dark but I care not, much like how I will feel when this little miracle of modern chemistry is imbibed.

(See my standard quarter for scale? That’s how I roll.) Along with our meal of teensy cheese, we had almonds. Of course we wouldn’t want to have an unbalanced diet, now would we? As we talked and laughed, we stealthily played one of our all-time favorite games. We sliced the cheese rounds, thinner and thinner. With each slice of the knife, we were taunting one another, daring each other to put it out of its misery. I whisper with my glance “just eat it, you know you want to.” But she who eats the last of the cheese is the loser and neither of us wants that. So we shared the last little bit of the coveted white squooshy cheese (I don’t remember what kind I bought, but it was elaborately packaged and super-fancy).

Don’t her nails look purty? I’d like to have nice nails someday, but I have “little girl hands” and apparently always will-what with all the painting, crafting, needle work and other artistic endeavors, why bother with super sexy nails? but I covet them secretly…

In other news. I’m escaping this weekend on an adventure and I just can’t wait. More to follow. Have a wicked cool weekend!

July 13th, 2008 | 3 Comments »

Layin’ low this weekend. Did laundry. Mopped. Finished the Hegie- I ended up stuffing him with polyfil and some stones- so he would be heavy. I needle felted his face on yesterday, very easy finishing after he dried.

This is him in the herb garden this morning before the storm rolled in. He will go to live with my mom (surprise mom!) after I get a chance to take him to a meeting to be photographed with the other hedgies.  This was a fun KAL.

Also working on a test knit for Pixie, here is a glimpse of another something cute she has up her sleeve:

That is all for now. Have a marvelous week.