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UPDATE: Immediately after this post where I discussed my displeasure with the installation process of my new internet service last week – and all the time that Jeff lost while waiting for the technician to figure out location of his asshole- I was contacted by Charter Corporate. I just spoke to a representative (they are out of state and we were playing phone tag all week) and they apologized for my experience AND credited me a month of internet service. I wasn’t writing to get any sort of credit or refund, I was just mad and wanted the anger out of my system and this blog, at times, can be a really good outlet for that.

This is the first time in a LONG time that I haven’t felt marginalized by a large corporation.

It just goes to show that sometimes there are still some surprises left in the universe and some people DO care.

The blog is a powerful tool, one must always use it for good, never evil.

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And so does playing the man’s games. I’d love to have ANY option for internet service other than Charter. But alas, my personal situation necessitates playing the “man’s” silly, torturous games.

As you may well know, I have recently added wireless internet service to my apartment. I know, the last human on the planet to do so, but I’m here and connected and all is right with the universe.

I had Jeff take charge of the task because he knows a little bit more about this stuff than I do, he’s the man, he has more during the week “free” time (and actually, his time isn’t so much free, but being his own boss, he can put off his own list of things he has to get done and wait for a cable guy so I don’t have to take any time off of work- which is very nice considering how long it took and how frustrating it was.) Besides, he has been wanting me to get connected for much longer than I have even been interested- so there. We tried to shop around, but as I have no land line (and honestly no need for one) the only option we had was to go with the cable company I’m already using, Charter. Boooo. (That or hack into the neighbor’s wireless, however, being as we don’t have the know-how for such an operation and it is morally wrong, we had to succumb to ‘the man’ and sign up.)

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Welcome back from Graceland. I expect you Bedazzled something in a historic gesture from your experience. While you were away, the Web Gnomes were busy cornering off a section of the Internet just for you. They’re apparently gay, and that’s why there’s so much pink girliness around here. It has no bearing on me…Webmaster Gradin.

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