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I just made this and I can’t stand it, I’m going to make another. Maybe two. Who knows.

Her belly is a TENNIS BALL. Again, so cute I really just can hardly stand it.

The free patern is on Ravelry or can be found HERE.

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So, I was having a chat today with my friend Jerry. Not to drop names or anything, but I mean THE Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead fame.

Well, anyways, I said to Jerry, “Jerry, you seem a bit down. Is there something bothering you?”

Jerry says, “You know, all this rain is just getting to me. Chilling me to the very center of my being.” (Jerry is very, very deep.)

I say, “I  know, the rain really sucks and I really wish it would stop. I saw these earthworms flailing on the pavement today and it realy grossed me out and made me feel so sorry for them.” (I tend to babble when I’m around Jerry or anyone else for that matter.) “I hate to see you so depressed, is there anything I can do?”

Jerry says, “Well, I would like to see the world!”

I got excited because, I, happened to be able to oblige immediately.

“Seeeeee my world, Jerry? Get it, it’s a globe and it lights up and I showed it to you.” Tee hee.

He gave me a look. I knew he was in no mood for my corny sense of humor. He hadn’t had his cocktail yet apparently and didn’t see how dang funny I was being. You see, Jerry can be pretty humerous at times, there was this one time we had a bottle of Jagermeister and a chicken that had fallen off the chicken truck. You see the chicken wasn’t hurt or anything, but then Jerry poured him some of the Jagermeister… needless to say I never drank Jager again after that night. But I guess you had to be there.

Anyways, right now, he was calling me out on my stupid little joke.

Jerry said “I was thinking a change of scenery, like somewhere more warm and near the ocean. Like somewhere in California…”

I then sighed and poured a glass of wine. I knew this day would come. Jerry, you see, wasn’t meant to stay with me forever.

He took a little sip of my wine. (He’s a terrible flirt, but I don’t mind.) I gave his foot an affectionate squeeze.

I say to Jerry, “How does San Francisco sound to you?”

He smiles and squints his eyes, “Groovy.”

I’ll take him to the bus stop this weekend.

For those of you that want to know, pattern: Stitch and Bitch Nation -Henry Rollins torso, Joey Ramone head arms and legs and about 8 hours with some fun fur (don’t  ask.) yarn: total stash bust, but washable so YAY. Going to the arms of a sweet baby girl- the daughter of an old, dear, friend (a hippie who will appreciate the humor of this creation) and his lovely wife whom I have not yet been fortunate enough to meet!

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I finished my citron, just in time to wear it hopefully tonight. Going out on a double date for pal Olaf’s birthday. Hey, any excuse to dress like a grown up and go out- even better if it is in celebration of birth!  The shawlette is blocking as we speak, but it is so light and airy I’m sure it will be dry in no time.

I finished this so quickly, only about 2 1/2 weeks because it knit up like butter. The Malabrigo baby lace is by far one of the most decadent fibers I’ve ever worked with. At $10 for one hank it was a great project to use luxury yarn on. I think I’m going to focus on small projects like these with nice yarns, it is very satisfying work. I love the color. I even took a painstaking amount of time  to embellish the row before the ruffle and the bind of edge with glass beads. Had the beading hook I purchased in a kit at SAFF actually worked I wouldn’t have had to use a dental floss threader to slide each and every bead on an individual stitch.  It took me two days to bind off 544 + stitches. I lost count, it was all good though, I think the work will b worth it.

In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

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I’ve been coveting this yarn. It is so very, very sexy. I think that Malibrigo may be my new best friend. So,  I’m making THIS for the spring, in the same color and everything, not because I lack imagination, but because I often bend like a reed to the power of suggestion. Says the shawl “You know you want me….” and I’m all ” yes I do, for you will make my  life complete.”   And then “Faithfully” by Journey plays in my head.  Isn’t that how it goes for you? No? Just me then?

I’ve fallen hard for this yarn and this project, a love I haven’t experienced in a while and I can’t wait to get to work on it in earnest. Uninterrupted. Alone.  Just me and my yarn and my Journey.  But before I’d even let myself cast on, I made myself finished the Palindrome scarf.

Now, don’t get me wrong, knitting with cashmere, and special, special Christmas gifted cashmere is fantastic. And we have a cold pop here in Georgia and I knew it would come in handy this weekend, but I was so damn bored with this pattern I wanted to scream. There’s simple and then there’s a snooze fest and this was that other thing. But I do love the finished product, perfect color, length and the cables are reversible, so that’s pretty cool, not to mention that the cables really enhance the yumminess of the yarn. Overall, I’m pleased with the result (and pleased to be done!) And speaking of reversible cables, if you hate when shawls or scarves have an obvious ‘wrong’ side (which I do) I think the whole reversible concept is really very brilliant. So, one of these days I’m going to make Jeanie (reversible cable and drop stitch shawl.) Because that’s how I roll.

Stay toasty warm this weekend knitting fiends.

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It’s cooooold here. Very very cold. Time to load up on knitwear, which I do, but I still don’t like it.

I’m knitting again, not much of interest, a lot of boring cables. But all will be fabulous in the end I’m sure!

First up, Palindrome. I admired a scarf made by the lovely Daye, hers with sparkles, and decided to make one of my own. This yarn was a Christmas gift from my mother, cashmere. I’ve never knitted with cashmere and lord help me, I may never be the same.

Here is a crappy photo:

It is sort of seafoam green. And very soft. The best part is that this scarf is reversible, so no ‘wrong’ sides and it seems to be idiotproof, so I like it. Not very challenging, but good to have on hand if you’re knitting and talking, or knitting and drinking, or knitting and drinking and talking.

Next up: Cable Lace Kimono from sweaterbabe.com I bought this pattern three years ago (?) maybe from this site and haven’t had the guts to start it until now. Cables. Lace. AND a Kimono? Craziness, right?  I bought some “Fine Wool Silk” from Brooks Farm at SAFF this year that had this sweater written all over it. So I dove in. I have to chart each row since there is so much going on so far on the back, two panels of lace, and three different cables, it is enough to drive you crazy if you aren’t careful.

So far, so good. Another crappy photo:

It will look better when blocked, I’m sure.

Stay warm, friends.

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So I bought myself a present for Christmas.

A brand new concert flute.

You may naturally be asking why.  I will attempt to formulate an adequate response for such an odd impulse purchase. You may not know that the  Spazz played the flute from grade school through high school. And I didn’t totally suck either, my junior year I made it all the way to fourth chair before I started losing interest and nearing the finish line of my high school career. I maintained a not too shabby front line of the second string, but alas, my instrument was stolen during my senior year over 14 years ago. (I know, who would steal a flute, right?)  I stumbled upon a moderately priced concert flute this weekend at Tuesday Morning of all places. (Don’t you just LOVE Tuesday Morning?)

Long story long, I snapped it up after very little persuasion from mom. Turns out, much to my surprise and the amusement of both Jeff and my mother, I can play a B flat scale AND arpeggio.

Thaaaaaat’s about all folks.  But I look forward to practicing and re-learning what I can so I can bust out  some wicked “rock flute” at a future gathering. I’m thinking some “Smoke on the Water” or “Stairway to Heaven” or even “Enter Sandman” would be nice to add to my repertoire.

rock flute

I need to work on my posture. And clean some junk off the fridge while I’m at it. (Yes I voted for Obama and yes, I’m currently a little disappointed even though I didn’t like that other guy much either.)

In other news, I finished a cupcake hat. Well, actually, I finished five cupcake hats. There are too many delicious little girls that needed warm heads this winter. Because I am wildly impatient and couldn’t wait until official gifting time, not to mention the fact that this little nugget was hat less on Saturday evening (shame, shame Ole) I have already gifted one hat.

I’ve got it baaaaaaaad for this little one. She’s both my weakness and endless delight. In short, she’s my pwecssssssousssssesssss. Yes, she has red eyebrows .  RED eyebrows I tell you. Be still my beating heart I almost can’t stand it and want to gobble her up every time I see her. The empty womb is apparently knocking. (Don’t worry, I’ve hit snooze.)

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I finished a sweater in a month. I know, unreal.  Best part, it is made fromt the top down (no seaming.)  I highly recommend this pattern.

Diminishing Rib Cardigan, from the cover of the Spring, 2009 Interweave Magazine.

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I came, I saw, I conquered and I left with a bag load of yarn, glorious yarn.  I had a BLAST  with my fine group of fiber friends fiends at SAFF in Asheville this year. Best of all, I took this as an opportunity to take a long overdue trip out of town with my mother, another newly-converted fiber-a-holic. Here is most of the crew (some had class/had to leave/could not sit still)

All photos from the trip HERE.

I didn’t take any classes this year, it was overwhelming enough just being in a huge showroom with yarns and fibers that I didn’t even know existed. I will take an inventory and blog about my precious purchases later, but for now I’ll focus on the trip itself. We left bright and early on Friday morning and met up with a crowd at Waffle House. I had a pecan waffle and it rocked. I don’t normally do sweets or carbs at breakfast so this was a real treat.

Susan was positively gleeful from the discovery $85 in her SAFF purse from LAST year, and I was soon to discover why.  It only took us about 2 hours to get there. Not a bad road trip and I was antsy. I was finishing up the neverending 3/4 sleeves from my diminishing rib cardi and was lamenting the amount of space it was taking up in my bag. I also vowed not to purchase anything on day one, no, I would be mindful and wait until at least day 2.

I bought a beautiful sterling shawl pin and a sweater’s worth of yarn before lunchtime.

I was absolutely high from the spending and had to sit down for a while to recover.  We ate at Carrabas that night and I committed carbicide with gnocchi and sausage and bread and calamari. On to the Hampton Inn to laugh and knit, and laugh (we’re a loud bunch) talking about homosexual gorillas and exchanging recipes. I learned what qiviut was and how yummy it was to behold and how pretty Janet worked it up and how dangerously decadant an expense it could be.  I shopped and knitted my Saturday away, and since it was no longer raining we went and looked at the animals (probably mom’s favorite part of the trip)

I also bough sock yarn for me, it might not end up being socks as I got this KEWL beaded scarf pattern too. Come to think of it, I bought a lot of stuff for beading yarn. Go figure.

Me and my yarn will be VERY happy together thankyouverymuch.

I drove mom’s golfcart all weekend (the Prius) and didn’t like it one bit in the rain but converted after I figured out what all the buttons were for. There’s a lot of buttons to push in this car and no key!

All in all it was PERFECTION and we’re already scheming about next year. Like I’m bringing much smaller projects and making this and some of these and bringing much more cash. Anyone want to give me some of their unwanted cash for SAFF next year?

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I’m going to my first “SAFF” this weekend and I can’t wait!

SAFF is the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, and apparently like ‘mecca’ for knitterz. It is just outside of Asheville, my birthplace, so I’m also taking the opportunity to take a long overdue road trip with my Mother. We’re both SAFF ‘virgins’ and we’re traveling with a whole crew of crazy fiber finatics, it is going to be crazy fun. Crazy, crazy fun.

I’m literally counting the hours.

I haven’t packed clothes, but I have the camera, GPS, ipod speakers and the wine accounted for- thank goodness. You have to prioritize.

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It only took two years, but I’ve finished my sweater made from the Christmas yarn I received in 2007 from John Olin and Margaret. It was a bear, endless stockinette on teeny needles, but I love the shape of this sweater and it is so soft. I had only a few yards left, so I lucked out at the end that I had enough to finish the collar.

Taa daaa!