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When I have little time or nothing worthwhile to write about, I’ll just post a cat picture.

Why not.

There is never a shortage of cats, apparently.

This is a rescue kitty that went to live with my mother earlier this year. Someone just threw her out at the Walgreen’s in town. (Sometimes I really don’t understand human behavior.) Her name is Miss Emma Jean, and she apparently rules the house.

Emma 1

I love it, she’s all “What’s up? Yeah, that’s right, I’m on the table. You gonna do something about it? Give it your best shot”

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December 4th, 2008 | 1 Comment »

I love her. She’s fancy. My Moo-Moo. But she would be SO happy as someone’s one and only kitty, and let’s face it, I have felines to spare.

Any takers?

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August 28th, 2007 | 1 Comment »

The end is in site for the costume construction for DragonCon. We will be revamping Pee Wee and Miss Yvonne (last year’s Halloween costumes) sometime this weekend in addition to our group outfit- the Life Aquatic team- and our ultra-secret creation. I just have to pack and make sure I don’t forget a single eyelash, in addition to packing up the car for the beach!

I have managed to do some knitting.

See- Baby Bobbi sans stuffing

I still have much work to do, but it is finishing stuff. The last arm is knit around the stuffing and closed up. This yarn has been a tad difficult to work with, but I went down a needle size too so the fabric would be more dense so it is probably my own fault. (I wouldn’t want his guts to come out, you know.) Then I will do the ears, a duplicate stitch around the neck – which I’m not quite sure of how or why it needs to be done, but I’ll do it. And then embroider the face. The head is freaking HUGE. I looked at the photo and I believe the head is supposed to be as big as the torso, but it looks, so far, gargantuan. But I think I may still be able to pull it off.

It snuggles good though. And, because I will eventually HAVE to mention it, so does this:

Look what Dr. Doolittle found in the woods. Yup, that would be a beh-beh kitteh, about a week old, abandoned by its momma and starving to death. No, it will not be living with us. In fact, I’m hoping that someone that will remain nameless will get off the fence and take this here little-un off our hands once it is old enough to go. (It has to be bottle fed and so far I’m proving myself to be not very maternal, thank goodness Jeff is maternal enough for the both of us.)

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Because I can.

My bitchy kitty, Manxie-Moo, inside my JoAnn’s bag about two seconds after I put it on the counter.

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August 2nd, 2007 | 3 Comments »

My mother lost one of her cats over the weekend. Bud (Buford Ewing Davis- named for a beloved John Travolta character from Urban Cowboy) was 12 years old and seems to have passed peacefully in his sleep. He was a sweet special kitty. He didn’t particularly like anyone other than mother, but he had his moments. I saw him last week, and although he wasn’t getting around as good as he used to, he looked well and I’m glad I had a chance to see him and pat his head. He was SO soft. And SO mean misunderstood. He will be missed dearly.

Bud at Christmas (Bad photo- he never let me get too close, it made him uncomfortable.)

Bud leaves behind his beloved cat, Steve. (Bud was Mom’s cat, Steve was Bud’s cat.) Steve is missing him lots.

By the way, how DO you tell if a cat is depressed? They sleep all the time anyways.

On a happier note, and since I have no knitting content of my own (I’ve been busy) Here is a picture of my Mom’s first felted bag- the clutch from One Skein (yeah, I know, we love that book a little excessively.)

Didn’t she do a lovely job?

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