December 21st, 2009 | 1 Comment »

So I bought myself a present for Christmas.

A brand new concert flute.

You may naturally be asking why.  I will attempt to formulate an adequate response for such an odd impulse purchase. You may not know that the  Spazz played the flute from grade school through high school. And I didn’t totally suck either, my junior year I made it all the way to fourth chair before I started losing interest and nearing the finish line of my high school career. I maintained a not too shabby front line of the second string, but alas, my instrument was stolen during my senior year over 14 years ago. (I know, who would steal a flute, right?)  I stumbled upon a moderately priced concert flute this weekend at Tuesday Morning of all places. (Don’t you just LOVE Tuesday Morning?)

Long story long, I snapped it up after very little persuasion from mom. Turns out, much to my surprise and the amusement of both Jeff and my mother, I can play a B flat scale AND arpeggio.

Thaaaaaat’s about all folks.  But I look forward to practicing and re-learning what I can so I can bust out  some wicked “rock flute” at a future gathering. I’m thinking some “Smoke on the Water” or “Stairway to Heaven” or even “Enter Sandman” would be nice to add to my repertoire.

rock flute

I need to work on my posture. And clean some junk off the fridge while I’m at it. (Yes I voted for Obama and yes, I’m currently a little disappointed even though I didn’t like that other guy much either.)

In other news, I finished a cupcake hat. Well, actually, I finished five cupcake hats. There are too many delicious little girls that needed warm heads this winter. Because I am wildly impatient and couldn’t wait until official gifting time, not to mention the fact that this little nugget was hat less on Saturday evening (shame, shame Ole) I have already gifted one hat.

I’ve got it baaaaaaaad for this little one. She’s both my weakness and endless delight. In short, she’s my pwecssssssousssssesssss. Yes, she has red eyebrows .  RED eyebrows I tell you. Be still my beating heart I almost can’t stand it and want to gobble her up every time I see her. The empty womb is apparently knocking. (Don’t worry, I’ve hit snooze.)

June 7th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

I have neglected the old blog, and I’m sorry. Mostly I’m sorry, but I’m also pretty happy and busy in a good way. I’m still doing my thing, but between the new job and the new lease on life (focusing on taking care  of myself, working out a lot, reading, etc.) I”m tapped out. I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (an early b-day gift from Jeff) it is a hysterical melding of two of my favorite things- Jane Austen books and zombie lore. I’m a freak, I know it.

So, here are some highlights from the past month.

Early in May I took a mental health day and visited Babs, we rode our bikes at the Chattahoochee River Park, turtles were basking in the sun on river rocks and the honeysuckle was blooming and it smelled awesome. We ate Mexican food and had pedicures. In short, it was a perfect day.

I started another lace shawl (because I’m a masochist) and at this rate it will literally  take me a hundred years to finish it, but I like the challenge. I knit without life lines and with a ‘close enough’ approach to lace that would probably have most knitters cursing and ripping, ripping, ripping. I’d rather the product be flawed and my sanity intact rather than focus too much on perfection. Is that crazy? The pattern is Muir, and FREE on knitty. The yarn is pretty and I’m so scattered I can’t find the label, so I just call it “Wool Awesomeness Gifted to me by the Lovely Claudia“. (the colors are much deeper than in this crappy photo.)

I saw the new Star Trek Movie with these crazy people:

Even if you weren’t a huge fan, it was still an awesome movie. I’m not sure there is anything else coming out this summer that I am really stoked about…

I hung out a lot with this guy:

And last week I did a “favor” for Miss Foxy by posing for a wicked cool picture for her. Sure I had to bounce on a trampoline in my underwear  at night while Jeff blew bubbles at me, but what are friends for? It is such a CHORE having a mega-talented artist take your photo… (that was sarcasm, did you catch it?)


My summer is off with a bang. Hopefully there are more fun things that I’ll be able to write and I’ll have the time to post more frequently.

February 13th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

I tried to made a cake last weekend in the shape of a Croatian flag for Josip’s 30th. His lovely and thoughtful wife tried –and succeeded– in bringing a bit of his homeland to him for his birthday since his new home is here and not over there.


I say I tried because as the side by side will show you, I got a little lazy with the shield and just sort of said “fuck it” there at the end.

But the cake itself was yummy. I focused on making it so just in case it wasn’t real pretty. I used regular yellow cake but made two thin sheet cakes and sandwiched raspberry jam in between the layers. I then iced it with whipped cream cheese icing and since red food coloring + icing almost always yields pink (not to mention the fact that I was correct in my deduction that precision with icing and stripes would not be plausible for me) I used decorators sugar and a piece of paper to get the sparkly stripes. Decorator’s sugar was easy to find and an awesome value at $1.89 a shaker with an added bonus that I only used a wee bit.

The birthday boy liked it so I felt it to be a culinary triumph if not an exact replica. The kids went NUTS over who got the biggest piece of the “shield,” which, for those that are curious, was made of piped white chocolate, twizzlers and Mike &Ike.

I aim to please.

January 19th, 2009 | 6 Comments »

Had me a busy, culture-filled weekend. Kooza on Friday for Fox’s birthday, work, knitting, health fair, Jim Henson Exhibit and World of Wheels on Saturday (I know, crazy!) and Sunday I took mom to see “Hairspray” for her birthday. I also brought her a bottle of hairspray and a “chunky” candy bar (to go with the theme.) We brunched at J. Christopher’s (num, num, nummy) and shopped a little in the afternoon. It was an awesome day. I’m exhausted and ready to start a rigorous work week.

Here she is with her finished object, a cute little drawstring bag. (Not quite as funny as the fact that her living room, couch, cat and outfit are all TAN!)

I also finished my Amelia Earhardt hat in just enough time to wear it in this COLD weather!

January 15th, 2009 | 8 Comments »

Ok, I just can’t say no to people and I’m so fully stoked that I have succeeded in my first giveaway that I’m giving away four sets of combs. Although technically, Miss Amanda A. was the only one to respond with the required “YES! I want me some of those EZ Combs! Right on!” the other entries should therefore be forfeit, but I’m not one for dismissal on a technicality. So she gets the pink ones. (Pink = special in my world.)

To Miss Holly the closest to leopard print that was in the box- a black and tan beaded set. And to Mindy some loverly blue/green EZ combs (thought they’d look nice with your hair color.) Babs, get back to me with what you want, I have a few sets left.

I love sharing. Makes me all tingly inside.

In other news, look what I’ve been up to:

Finished this guy for Jen

Finally made myself some of these:

(Made with one last ball of Jo Sharp Silkroad that I scored for 1/2 off at the closing of a LYS last year and why oh why didn’t I buy more???!!!)

Oh, and I started this:

It will be the Amelia Earhardt aviator cap- a cute, vintage-looking hat for the COLD weather we’re having. I made one of these last year in the same yarn, Art Trends Artesanal (Cotton, Poly, Alpaca blend) and I love it but I went down a needle size as the knit seemed too loose and I remember it being ever so slightly large when I tried it on. I’ll probably ‘embellish’ it too to make it sassy, not sure how yet. And I’m using my awesome Harmony Options (gosh how I love these needles!)

You can say it, you know you want to. Ok, I’ll say it…

Way to bust stash, Spazz!

January 7th, 2009 | 6 Comments »

I made these last weekend:

My mother gave me the book Hello Cupcake this Christmas. Ok, so it is probably the favoritest Christmas gift in the history of Christmas gifts other than the iPod. Oh and the George Foreman grill with interchangeable plates. But Hello Cupcake is the BEST cupcake book ever! Ok, so it is the only one I have or have ever seen, but I lurves it!

Anyhoo, I wanted to make the Aliens, but it was insisted that for a baby shower, I make the stupid babies.

So I did.

They were cute.

And tasty.

And messy.

November 7th, 2008 | 3 Comments »

When gifted some extravagantly luscious beaded silk from my friend Jen a while ago, I knew I would have to make it into something extra special. I also knew I would have to sit and fondle it for a few months to figure out exactly what that special something was going to be.

Fondling aside, what DO you do with 200 yards of hand-painted and beaded silk? Um,how about a knitted necklace? I decided that a simple scarf wouldn’t do this yarn justice, it would end up so long and skinny. So I opted for the Moebius Cowl a la Cat Bordhi (you can find the pattern for free on her website here.)

I read several patterns and borrowed some books on this method and ultimately decided that this freebie pattern was exactly what I was looking for, simple, yet lacy and fluttery, which would certainly do the yarn justice. I had read some directions on how to do it that made my brain melt- it is tricky, I’m not going to lie. But ultimately the cast on wasn’t really all that difficult. I found the demo on youtube and was saved! I only had to start over once. Thank you You Tube!

(Don’t you just love figuring out how to do something and having it work out well?)

I’m already half way through the cowl and it is going to be stunning when it is finished. In retrospect, it would have been a great pattern to work up on the plane on the trek visit the grandparents in a few weeks, but I want to wear it, like, now, so I suppose I’ll have to come up with another project to take with me. That won’t be hard I’m sure. Getting through the security checkpoint with my knitting, that is going to be fun.

Have a wicked cool weekend!

Okay, okay, one more close-up, your yarn porn for the day (you dirty monkeys.)

October 30th, 2008 | No Comments »

So, I didn’t take a full lunch break today (and let’s be honest I never do) in part to write some very well deserved nasty grams. Now I’m a firm believer in the rights of the consumer when being thwarted by big business, but I’m not much of a complainer, really I’m not. I don’t like to send things back in restaurants and I abhor people that complain seemingly for the purpose of getting something for free. (Although I did get a free month of internet service from Charter because of the power of the blog… but I digress.)

I believe it isn’t fair being mad at someone and not telling them why and I believe this to be equally true when dealing with giant corporate monsters too. You don’t get to have a beef if you aren’t willing on giving someone some opportunity to do the right thing, and honestly, if I were a business owner I would like to know if there were a complaint. I like to take care of the little guy. This time the little guy is my grandmother. I’ll let this nastygram speak for itself. Read the rest of this entry »

September 8th, 2008 | 6 Comments »

The lovely Barbara came to help me finish painting this little corner of my universe and last night I finally put all my crap back into place. (I have a lot of crap.) I know the blogiverse has been waiting with baited breath for the “finished” shots so without further ado, here is the finished dining/crafting area:

Yes, I am down one rug because I SPILLED PAINT ON IT. It is currently drying on the porch after being hosed down in the driveway last night. Yeah, I like to screw up royally, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing with some style. A quart of green paint falls, pops open and glug, glug, glug.

Here is a detail of my little sewing/computing “nook”:

My mother made these curtains, aren’t they lovely?

Thank you to the ladies that dragged me kicking and screaming through helped me with this painting project. The results are lovely.

August 29th, 2008 | 8 Comments »

Woah-oh, living on a prayer. Not a bad song to have stuck in your head at all. Especially because we’ve made some serious strides in finishing up operation apartment do-over.

That is half of a finished apartment. Windows painted, patches where painters tape pulled off the paint fixed, furniture moved back (and vacuumed), new curtains courtesy of Momma (thank you again P.S. and by the way) and art work hung. We stayed up late. I had a smidge too much wine, but it was all well worth it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful living room that can actually be lived in. (This might actually get me out of bed.)

Now. As far as the other half of the apartment…. not so much… yet… but there really isn’t very much painting left. I’m feeling pretty good about all of this. We watched “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” last night (yes, again) because musicals and whores, what is better than that? (CONTENT DELETED SINCE I’VE GROWN UP A BIT.)

Oh, in other news, two of my college roommates delivered baby girls yesterday! Beth had her second- Sara Kate and Nicole had her fourth- Vivian Lauren. Way to go with the birthin’ ladies, the last two weeks have been all about the new humans coming into the world, I couldn’t be happier for all of you guys!

Have a great holiday weekend- I’m retreating to the mountains again, it should be fun… ish. We’ll see.