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Pretty low-key this year for Halloween, we hung with friends, went trick-or-treating with the framily, ate at Moe’s and went out around Gainesvegas. My man and I won the costume contest at a local bar! He got first place, $100, and I won second $50- I was totally robbed! I guess his Geiko Caveman was pretty sweet, but all night long I heard some hushed comments as I’d walk away of how much I looked like Flo the Progressive Lady. We had a blast.

(you can see all the photos here.)

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So I get this phone call from my gal Rachel this morning, and she says “I have something  very important, can you talk?” For very important, of course I can! I drop everything for important!

She then says, “So it is cold out today, and you know that means Halloween is very soon.” We then started to talk about costumes and parties and how we just love them.

For me, my family, my closest friends, Halloween is a very important event. VERY IMPORTANT. We take our costumes VERY seriously (some are definitively more dedicated than others) but we all put in effort, ideas and execution and humor. Lucky for me, I have reaped the benefits time and time again with a mother that sews.

We don’t worship the devil or delight in dark, evil things (I SO don’t understand people that won’t celebrate the holiday at all because of fears it would make God angry or something equally silly) we just have fun. Because candy and fun and celebrating the fall are awesome things to be grateful for.

So in honor of the season, FUN and homemade costumes, I have one of my favorites from my mother’s archives (save us all, she’s discovered a scanner)


Yes, I’m little orphan Annie. I LOVED Annie, seriously. I wanted my mother to give me up for adoption so I could go live with Daddy Warbucks, in the 1920’s, and sing and dance with Ann Reinking (Hey, it could happen.)

But this, my friends isn’t the real funny here.  THIS is where the funny comes from:


Years later, she made the same dress for my stepdad. And he wore it. Willingly. With little to no enticement. I have to deduct points for not shaving his legs, I mean, what’s that all about? But he is a big dude in a dress. Gotta love it. That would be my mom on the right as Daddy Warbucks. I have MUCH respect for a hot lady that doesn’t need to dress as a hot lady on Halloween to remind everyone of her hotness. She wore a pudge and had me help glue on a bald cap and eyebrows  and then partied down.

I love Wayne and Becky so stinkin’ much. You two are TOO MUCH FUN.

Happy Fall!

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Not much actually… other than spending 4 days with over 20,000 fanatical freaks, geeks and butt cheeks (seriously, it should have been called “Butt Con” this year.) I had 5 costumes to debut, but only got around to 4 of them.  Hey, there was a LOT to do! This one above was a wonderful collaboration with my mother which goes something like this:

“Mom, I want a vintage styled Star Trek dress.”  and Mom says “Ok.” And I’m all “So, if I cut out the pieces, will you put it together for me?” To which she’s like “Yup.” and a week later “poof” we have a dress. (The hair was all my jumbo bumpits used to achieve a retro-do.)

This photo was taken after the big parade, Jeff (that’s him on the left) marched with our friends’ 6 year old “B.” He was such a trooper. (groan. I know, even I thought it was a bad pun.) But I was so stinkin’ proud of this little boy, he was such a little man. He posed for photos and pointed his little blaster and put on a great show for all the fans that were positively beside themselves in the presence of teeny stormtrooper. He was the only teeny trooper in the bunch. HERE is a link to a photo of him with the whole brigade. (Is brigade even the right term here? Is there some other snazzypants Star Wars word I should be using?)

I have quite a bit more to share, but will have to follow up later. I’m nursing a wee bit of a cold and need to focus on preparing for my exodus to the beach this weekend!

So peace out, live long and prosper, and may the force be with you and stuff.

June 16th, 2009 | 4 Comments »

Le geek, C’est chic.

Take me to your leader.

Take me to your leader.

It was my birthday yesterday. We had a cookout on Sunday with an alien theme, I went as a vulcan (sort of) and Jeff was Men in Black.  He grilled in a full suit for effect, THAT is dedication.

My galaxy defender.

My galaxy defender.

There were a lot of these:

And these:

And this:

And green cupcakes:

By the time it was all said and done I was covered in water, bbq sauce, green icing, bubble goo and unidentifiable schmootz. In short it was a perfect day. Thanks for everyone who came bearing offspring to make 32 extra special!

(See all the photos HERE.)

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I have neglected the old blog, and I’m sorry. Mostly I’m sorry, but I’m also pretty happy and busy in a good way. I’m still doing my thing, but between the new job and the new lease on life (focusing on taking care  of myself, working out a lot, reading, etc.) I”m tapped out. I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (an early b-day gift from Jeff) it is a hysterical melding of two of my favorite things- Jane Austen books and zombie lore. I’m a freak, I know it.

So, here are some highlights from the past month.

Early in May I took a mental health day and visited Babs, we rode our bikes at the Chattahoochee River Park, turtles were basking in the sun on river rocks and the honeysuckle was blooming and it smelled awesome. We ate Mexican food and had pedicures. In short, it was a perfect day.

I started another lace shawl (because I’m a masochist) and at this rate it will literally  take me a hundred years to finish it, but I like the challenge. I knit without life lines and with a ‘close enough’ approach to lace that would probably have most knitters cursing and ripping, ripping, ripping. I’d rather the product be flawed and my sanity intact rather than focus too much on perfection. Is that crazy? The pattern is Muir, and FREE on knitty. The yarn is pretty and I’m so scattered I can’t find the label, so I just call it “Wool Awesomeness Gifted to me by the Lovely Claudia“. (the colors are much deeper than in this crappy photo.)

I saw the new Star Trek Movie with these crazy people:

Even if you weren’t a huge fan, it was still an awesome movie. I’m not sure there is anything else coming out this summer that I am really stoked about…

I hung out a lot with this guy:

And last week I did a “favor” for Miss Foxy by posing for a wicked cool picture for her. Sure I had to bounce on a trampoline in my underwear  at night while Jeff blew bubbles at me, but what are friends for? It is such a CHORE having a mega-talented artist take your photo… (that was sarcasm, did you catch it?)


My summer is off with a bang. Hopefully there are more fun things that I’ll be able to write and I’ll have the time to post more frequently.

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I had fun on Halloween (but let’s face it, I always do.) Check out my photos at flickr- it is sort of a hodge-podge of the events that spanned over two days. On actual Halloween I tagged along with the boys to witness the debut of this:

Yes. That would be the tiniest storm trooper costume ever made. He was very cute. Er- I mean- scary. Storm troopers are BAD guys so he was fearsome. Yes. very, very intimidating. I was quivering in my Ziggy Stardust boots (I threw Ziggy together at the last minute because I didn’t want to wear my other costume yet and to see if I could.)

Here is my costume from Saturday- I was Jackie O. (My hat is a padded oatmeal box because that’s how I roll.) Mom helped me sew this last week.

There were many other good costumes this year. I saw two girls dressed as Richard Simmons (?) and my mother made a Cher costume.

Could you die? How funny is THAT?! Yes, my pop was Sonny complete with furry vest. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. Being pressed for time and all.

Oh, so that brings me to the scary news. I’ve heard through the grapevine that my gym is closing. Wait! It gets worse! My gym is closing and merging with another gym nearby AND the teachers of the classes I love can’t teach at the new location because they don’t provide Les Mills classes. Which is a load of crap, but whatever.

Wait! If you can take it, it gets even worse. A certain unsavory individual that I have been fortunate enough not to run into (…yet) I believe is a member of the gym where mine is expected to “merge.” My biggest fear is that there will be much hair-pulling and potential blood shed if I am ever faced with a scenario where I would be confronted with her, particularly while adrenaline is pumping. I would like to think that I could rise above the situation -folks, it would be much more likely to end with an eye-narrowing contest- but the part of me that is still royally pissed (the part that believes I’d be fully justified in whooping some ass) would rather simply avoid the situation all together if at all possible.

I have no idea what sort of rights I’ve signed away or what this merging will ultimately mean to me, but I do know that the gym has been my sanctuary and I will not risk it being tainted by having to submit myself to the presence of… well… someone icky. Any creative ideas for getting out of a gym membership? I know they charge my credit card monthly and I can simply cancel the card and be done with it but I’d prefer to be released from my contract free and clear. I might have to go to the doctor and develop some sort of “condition.” I sure hate to lie but I may be without options here.

October 26th, 2008 | 2 Comments »

Woo woo hair explained here. I let the local paper dress me up like Sarah Palin.  It was neat. You can check out the photo gallery here.

Crazy work night ended successfully, I think, for now. It was a late night. Now, I have other stuff to do, like not leave the apartment today at all if I can help it. Crud. Need to go get groceries, it might be fun to eat today.

Happy Sunday!

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I did an acquaintance a favor this morning.

I’ll explain the woo-woo hair soon, I promise. Once I have a moment to collapse catch my breath.

November 5th, 2007 | 5 Comments »

So, why did we have a party on Friday the 2nd? Well, when you think about it, it is only two days after THE day and also, conveniently, Day of the Dead (dia de los muertos). Besides, most of the Halloween crap was half off. So, hence the party.

Because I know you’ve been waiting for it, here is a photo of my finished costume (with knit corset/tummy sweater)

I was Miss Transylvania (Pin-up style)- for inspiration think Frankenstein’s Monster’s Girlfriend meets Bettie Page. I was made from all of the parts of the other contestants. I liked this one, the dress was a tad short, but luckily it wasn’t too cold that night. The lovely Tara was “Jess” from Bret Michael’s Rock of Love (a reality/dating series that starred Poison’s Bret Michaels.) See Jack as a beyond awesome Bret below-his personality was beyond PERFECT for this costume,  I am very fortunate to have such clever friends. (P.S. and by the way, I just found out that there will be a Rock of Love Season 2 starring Bret again and I for one just can’t wait. I’m thinking a groupie/washed up rock star- themed party to kick it off- who is up for it?)

Don’t ask me what he is doing with his hands, I don’t know. All I do know for sure is that I went completely batshit for that show and he and Ra-ra did a bang up job on their costumes and the decorating- thanks once again for offering up your house to the party gods, we had a ball!

Here is one for the scrapbooks, y’all- a Day of the Dead family a la the Gradins (my most culturally-aware friends that never, ever, ever disappoint.) This would make a great Christmas card, for reals.

Jeff- not to be outdone by ANYONE- took his Elvis Costume to the next level and became Zombie Elvis (or Hellvis). He is so awesome, although it broke my heart when he demolished and dirtied the jumpsuit the effect was worth it.  That jumpsuit was damn sexy, but I have a little thang for the King if you know what I mean mama. I was also really concerned that the look (plus the uber- spooky contact lenses) would be too scary for our friends with children, but my mind was put at ease when Balthazar came running up to him shouting “Jeff- Jeff- EAT MY BRAINS” and I realized I was just being a wuss.

Thanks so much for those of you that came out and didn’t bail with a last-minute, lame-ass excuse or just pull a no show even though we make the effort to come to every freakin’ clam bake you ever host- I know it can take some serious effort to come out, on a Friday, in costume, two whole days after Halloween, and we appreciate it SO much! It was an AWESOME party and those of you that missed it, really, really do suck ass. Seriously.

And my favorite picture of the night- see more in my Flickr album HERE. I stumbled across this neat effect under many black lights in the bathroom of all places. Good times y’all.

November 1st, 2007 | 2 Comments »

As my ‘real’ costume was a tad on the busty side for the events that we took part in last night, I opted for a cute (and comfortable) Betty Boop while out with the surrogate siblings.

First stop was “Trunk or Treat” at Balthazar’s school. A really good (and safe) trick-or-treating option these days, with some big bouncy things and other stuff for kids. People decorated their trunks and gave out candy, it was a hoot. Fox, Ole and Balthazar were Tinker Bell, Captain Hook (sans hook), and Peter Pan- see how cute (Fox was up all night making these costumes)

We met up with Jeff -who pouted for a minute about not going OUT (like to a mall or somewhere heavily populated) in his awesome Elvis costume, but got over it real quick when he finally got dressed

and we got to partake in something much, much, grander. Balthazar is four now. This was his first year to trick-or-treat for real. Knocking on stranger’s doors and getting candy from strangers- all things normally forbidden are all good on Halloween. We selected my neighborhood (it was close and has lots of sidewalks) and stuck to about a block radius, and only to the houses with lights. Can you believe the porch with the brightest light in the neighborhood was actually a dorm and - oopsie – had no candy? I had to seriously talk Jeff out of egging them later on that evening- the NERVE! Turn off your damn light ladies!!! We crashed a party, briefly, and I almost peed myself when Jeff started telling women “Elvis loves you Mahmah.” We went out to eat and then promptly home for bed (I’m fighting a tickle in my throat and have a marathon couple of days ahead of me, so I had to get to the sleeping.) All in all, it was a truly wonderful Halloween!