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I finished my citron, just in time to wear it hopefully tonight. Going out on a double date for pal Olaf’s birthday. Hey, any excuse to dress like a grown up and go out- even better if it is in celebration of birth!  The shawlette is blocking as we speak, but it is so light and airy I’m sure it will be dry in no time.

I finished this so quickly, only about 2 1/2 weeks because it knit up like butter. The Malabrigo baby lace is by far one of the most decadent fibers I’ve ever worked with. At $10 for one hank it was a great project to use luxury yarn on. I think I’m going to focus on small projects like these with nice yarns, it is very satisfying work. I love the color. I even took a painstaking amount of time  to embellish the row before the ruffle and the bind of edge with glass beads. Had the beading hook I purchased in a kit at SAFF actually worked I wouldn’t have had to use a dental floss threader to slide each and every bead on an individual stitch.  It took me two days to bind off 544 + stitches. I lost count, it was all good though, I think the work will b worth it.

In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

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I have neglected the old blog, and I’m sorry. Mostly I’m sorry, but I’m also pretty happy and busy in a good way. I’m still doing my thing, but between the new job and the new lease on life (focusing on taking care  of myself, working out a lot, reading, etc.) I”m tapped out. I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (an early b-day gift from Jeff) it is a hysterical melding of two of my favorite things- Jane Austen books and zombie lore. I’m a freak, I know it.

So, here are some highlights from the past month.

Early in May I took a mental health day and visited Babs, we rode our bikes at the Chattahoochee River Park, turtles were basking in the sun on river rocks and the honeysuckle was blooming and it smelled awesome. We ate Mexican food and had pedicures. In short, it was a perfect day.

I started another lace shawl (because I’m a masochist) and at this rate it will literally  take me a hundred years to finish it, but I like the challenge. I knit without life lines and with a ‘close enough’ approach to lace that would probably have most knitters cursing and ripping, ripping, ripping. I’d rather the product be flawed and my sanity intact rather than focus too much on perfection. Is that crazy? The pattern is Muir, and FREE on knitty. The yarn is pretty and I’m so scattered I can’t find the label, so I just call it “Wool Awesomeness Gifted to me by the Lovely Claudia“. (the colors are much deeper than in this crappy photo.)

I saw the new Star Trek Movie with these crazy people:

Even if you weren’t a huge fan, it was still an awesome movie. I’m not sure there is anything else coming out this summer that I am really stoked about…

I hung out a lot with this guy:

And last week I did a “favor” for Miss Foxy by posing for a wicked cool picture for her. Sure I had to bounce on a trampoline in my underwear  at night while Jeff blew bubbles at me, but what are friends for? It is such a CHORE having a mega-talented artist take your photo… (that was sarcasm, did you catch it?)


My summer is off with a bang. Hopefully there are more fun things that I’ll be able to write and I’ll have the time to post more frequently.

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I had some very lovely models for the sketch group on Friday.

She sat still for a whole 10 minute pose. Way to go baby girl with your first paying modeling gig!

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My friend Lee wrote a song inspired by ME! It is called “Song for Amanda” so you know I don’t lie.

Seriously, an actual SONG by an actual BAND. I’m floored. you can check it out on his site Woolgathering. I put it on my iPod, I’m so touched.

Goes to show you:

misery + talent= art

I wish I could make some moving art, I can make you a warm scarf, Lee, and a whole heck of a lot of good it would do you in Callefornie. I suppose I’m ever the fan, the appreciator, the critic, never the artist. Sigh.

In other art news, I’m going to an art opening in Atlanta tonight called  “Young Movers and Shakers of the Georgia Art Scene” (how appropriate is that?) I’m going on the prowl for young, new artists to drag to Gainesvegas. Thanks John Olin and Margaret for the article you sent me this week or this exhibition would have probably slipped past me.

Have an artful weekend y’all.

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