September 11th, 2007

I was dog tired when I finally got home from the beach this weekend. Jeff greeted me with much enthusiasm (which was awesome) and a clean house (which was beyond awesome.) He did some little things that he knew I would like that made my homecoming so much more relaxing than the driving fatigue, unpacking and laundry that I thought would be waiting for me. But, he did want to go to a movie. I wasn’t so sure that going out would be such a good idea (we also had plans to go to the Yellow Daisy Festival the next day) but, he was such a good boyfriend, I couldn’t resist.

We had dinner at Oodles (a favorite new restaurant of ours we frequent almost weekly here in Gainesvegas) and then went to see Shoot ‘Em Up. I will try not to reveal any spoilers, but I make no promises.

This movie starts with a bang- seriously. Our dark, reluctant, troubled hero- type is very well played by Clive Owen and juxtaposed perfectly with bad guy Paul Giamatti (didn’t you just LOVE him in Lady in the Water?) Shoot ‘Em Up was unbelievably, disgustingly, almost comically, violent. Chock full of ridiculous gun-battle scenarios, cheesy lines and blood, blood, blood.

I can summarize this movie with one word. Spectacular. I slapped my forehead more than once and laughed my fanny off because I just couldn’t decide if I was offended or if it was possibly the best movie I had ever seen in my entire life. Got to save a baby from an army of gunmen? Okay. Barely escaping with your life with a newborn in tow even though there are over fifty armed men hot on your tail? Sure. Kill someone with a vegetable? Whatever, Clive, you had me at the opening scene. I don’t know what the recipe is for something like this or how it just works- but this one simply does just that. When movies go wrong, it happens most inexplicably when you (the audience) suddenly know that you were taken on a wrong turn and are now careening uncontrollably into suckville.

This did not happen in Shoot ‘Em Up. I think in this case the film had a certain irreverence that made you just buy into it almost immediately. But in saying that, I also have to mention that it was a textbook action movie- almost hyper-formulaic – at the same time. But you take any single aspect and try to recreate it in any other movie (possibly with any other director) and you lose the audience immediately and they are laughing at you instead of with you. I think that the novelty here is that this movie was so over the top – the director (Michael Davis) couldn’t possibly be taking himself too seriously- a fatal mistake- and that is where the magic happened and then there you were, along for the ride, not questioning a damn thing.

I would not recommend this movie to the following people: my Mom, my friends with children, just about anyone from my knitting group (but not maybe not their husbands) and anyone that is squeamish at the sight of blood and/or gun violence. It is definitely a great flick for a man- date (my term for a guy’s night out.)

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Jenny Says:

Actually, I saw a review of this movie on TV this morning and thought – I’ve gotta see that movie. Now I KNOW I’ve gotta see that movie!

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