August 17th, 2007

Ok, that may be a tad misleading. I’m not sure if it will be the absolutely largest cozy on the planet, but it is going to be pretty freakin’ close.

This marks my very first socially conscious project. (Horray for social commentary through art and craft and fiber!) And it involves knitting a big damn cozy for an abandoned gas station in New York (and the gas pumps too) as a statement about our society’s over-dependence on fossil fuels.

Check it out at the International Fiber Collaborative. The organizer, Jennifer Brooke Marsh, is a fiber artist and grad student at Syracuse University. She has called for artists and groups to contribute 800- 3ft by 3ft squares- to be sewn together create said cozy (which is what I’ve taken to calling it, because to be swaddled in fiber goodness is decidedly more cozy than to not, wouldn’t you agree?)

I said to myself, “Self” -because that is what I do- “Self, this sounds like a fun and interesting endeavor that I can sink my teeth into, and I am sure to be able to russel up some folks to lend a hand or a swatch -or five.”I am more excited about this project than many of the other causes that have crossed my path because this is reminiscent of the knit graffiti I have found both so humorous and appealing- seen in the work of such groups like Knitta Please - but this is on a grand scale- so it borders on the ridiculous, with that can’t-be-ignored-even-if-you-tried quality, like that mammoth knit rabbit in Italy. AND it has a purpose. Having a purpose in the world is a good thing. Now, even though it is such a large size, my contribution or portion will still be relatively small. Like smaller than an afghan. (Me Likey!) I often think I would be a better ‘joiner’ if I wasn’t such a commitment-phobe.

So I posted it to my SNB pals and already have quite a few takers. I think we are going to try to make our square Georgia-themed (thank you Jenny for that idea.) I’ll be taking squares, blobs, nuggets and whatever else from folks at the meetings this fall.
I seam them together myself.

Yes I will.

I swear I won’t bitch and/or moan about the process. But there may be cursing. (There will always be cursing.)

I’m planning, so far, to make a square for the Bulldogs (my alma mater) and one for Tech (my Dad’s) and something with a chicken on it (for Gaines-Vegas) or a Mr. Peanut or something- I dunno yet. In my vision, I’m seeing hot-mess of some serious ugly- but it will be warm.

I am open to other ideas (um, and some pieces of the puzzle if you’ve got them.)

Peace, love, joy and happiness to you and yours this weekend!

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3 Responses to “World’s Largest Cozy”

Jenny Says:

I’ll help with the seaming. May we have wine and chocolate to keep us going? I have a nice bottle of white wine. Leon is organizing the group for Monday night and I think you can count on at least 8 squares (including me). I will probably do more than one.

Jenny Says:

PS – you’ve got the WRONG link for me in your post. I am not a big pink gi-normous bunny! ;)

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